Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's My Chances?

Sign I stuck above the light switch in the kids' bathroom.

What's my chances?

Pretty slim I reckon.

Karen xx

Want to Lose Weight?

I was reading Diminishing Lucy's Lose Weight For Free Post and thought I'd jump on board too.

Given that I should lose about 25kg, I figured why not use the new year as a starting point? Yeah, yeah.....we've all heard that before. We've all tried that before. Only to give up within a few days. That's why I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions for the past few years. I always give  up.

One of the reasons I give up (apart from I can't be bothered anymore) is that I struggle to find recipes that we will all eat. I am not that great a cook. I can cook you a baked dinner or meat & three veg (sometimes even 6 veg). I can cook plain food whereas my husband seems to throw anything from the pantry into the pan & it comes out a masterpiece. The downside to this however, is that it is neither waistline nor budget friendly.

So I have signed up to My Special K & they are going to send me a customised eating and (dare I say it) exercise plan. Their recipes sounded tasty, shopable (is that even a word?), and cookable. The kids' tastebuds will be experiencing all sorts of new flavours.

2012 is my year. BRING IT ON!!!!

Join in - the more the merrier!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!

Karen xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Baking Kind of Day

Filling in a rainy Monday, which, if the weather was behaving like summer, we would be swimming:

Shame they take longer to make than they do to eat!

What are you doing this rainy day?

Karen xx

Stop! Winner time!

Thanks to all the entrants for my Vege Twists Giveaway here. I certainly gained some fabulous lunchbox ideas from you. (I love lunchbox ideas - I used to do lunchbox workshops as back to school Tupperware parties when I was in the plastic business!).

The winner, as determined by 16 year old Zac (who is a dab hand with his own lunchbox) is:

*Bek*, whose comment about the kids having to make their own lunches resonated with him. Here's her entry!

"I dont do lunchboxes - the kids do their own - that way they cant whinge that they dont like whats in, but they take the usual sandwich or roll, fruit, bubble bar, muffins, what ever we have in the house...."

Look out for my email Bek, so you can claim your prize!

And make sure you all look out for my next giveaway in the near future.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate & Happy Days to those who don't.

Karen xx

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How's your fridge looking?

Every so often I like to run down the contents of the fridge and/or pantry to see if we can use everything up. It came from Simple Savings' $21 Challenge here.  I love the idea of the challenge - you can set your own $ amount, but the idea is to look at what you already have & work out what you can do with it, rather than just shop out of habit.

And Christmas is next week (yikes!) so we need to have as much space available in our fridge as we can. To house all that wine. beer. food.

And it's easier to clean if it is just about empty!

This is what our fridge looks like today:

Yeah, for a family of 6, there's not much in there. Lots of the bottles in the door are probably ready to be thrown out too, half used marinades, etc.

Top shelf: margarine, jams, Ray's wog foods (olives, chillies, etc) and the basket stops our cheese slices from getting lost in there.

2nd shelf: some wrap bread (has been open over a week so should prob be chucked by now), juice concentrate in 1st basket, cold meats (ham & salami) in 2nd basket.

3rd shelf: my water bottle - yay for me!

4th shelf: Up & Go drinks (teen breakfasts on school days - last day today!), strawberry punnet, cut watermelon in container & last night's leftovers in square white container (which have now been eaten for today's lunch).

Crispers contain a few carrots, some kiwifruit, a bit of cauliflower & a bit of broccoli and I don't want to get up to see what else!

Various sauces, mustards, marinades and drinks in the door. Along with eggs in their compartment up the top.

Fortunately the freezer below is fairly full and the pantry isn't quite bare yet. There is certainly enough to make a few respectable meals.

How's your fridge looking? I dare you to share - pic it, blog it, link it.

If I knew how to make a linky thingy I would, but I am a techno idiot so you will just have to pop a link in your post back to mine. Please?!


Karen xx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Yummy Giveaway!


Yeah, you all know I am a bit of a foodie. Okay, make that a LOT of a long as someone else is doing the cooking!

I do love a snack or two and am continually searching for that elusive munchie that isn't detrimental to the ol' health. (Although that doesn't stop me from eating the munchies that are.....).

So I jumped at the chance to try out the new Vege Twists from The Vege Chip Company. They tell me that I won't have to twist anybody's arm to get them to eat these veges......and they were right. My kids scoffed them down quicker than I could say I don't know what.

Stuff you need to know about Vege Twists:

* they are a yummy cheesy flavour

* they are good for lunchboxes

* they are yummy

* no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

* they are yummy

* 80% less saturated fat than regular potato chips

* they are yummy

* 100% gluten free = yay for those who are gluten intolerant

* They are yummy

* made from a variety of grains & contain lupin flour which is high in protein, dietary fibre and antioxidents. (that means ticks of approval from me).

* they are yummy

* Lupin flour also reduces appetite = feel fuller quicker & longer = less snacking on junk food (another tick from me).

* did I mention they are yummy?

The Vege Chip Company has been making healthier snacks with no nasty additives or preservatives for over 20 years, becoming a brand that Aussie families can trust. And they are an Australian company too. Yay. I like that.

The healthy snackies available from The Vege Chip Company are:

* Vege Chips
* Vege Deli Crisps
* Vege Twists
* Vege Deli Rice Crisps

You can get them in the health food aisle at Woolworths and Coles across Australia as well as in some health food stores. Recommended Retail Price is $4.99 for a 6 bag multipack.

I have a multipack of 6 to giveaway to one lucky reader. If you would like to enter, please leave me a comment telling me what you like to put in lunchboxes (oh, and you need to be a follower of my blog). Giveaway is open to Australian residents. Start now, ends Sunday 18th Dec at 8:30pm Sydney time.

Ready, set,.....GO!

Karen xx

Disclaimer: I was sent some Vege Twists to sample and write about. Opinions are my own. No other payment was offered or received for this post.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Meme

Linking to This Mummy Maze and Tina Gray {dot} Me for this one. Feel free to join in - please just link back to where you found it!

1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate - I've also never tried eggnog (and it doesn't sound very appealing so I don't think I ever will).

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wrapped, plus filling stockings.

3. Coloured lights on tree / house or white? Coloured. I like colourful things!

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No - if you can't kiss me during the year, then you don't deserve to at Christmas.

5. When do you put your decorations up? First weekend after 1st December.

6. What is your favourite holiday dish? The traditional baked turkey dinner but we don't have a baked dinner due to the heat of summer in Australia. And my husband doesn't like turkey much and he does the Christmas cooking in this house. But I usually manage to cook some turkey in between what he's doing.

7. Favourite holiday memory as a child? Spending summers at Woolgoolga in our campervan. We would leave Boxing Day morning around 4am - 2 adults, 5 kids, station wagon with a campervan being towed. 12 hour drive. I don't know how my folks coped!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I can't remember.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Yes, because that is my husband's Christmas (Austrian) so we do presents after dinner at whoever's house we are at. Then, because my side of the family is English, Santa comes overnight & the kids have Santa presents and stockings to wake up to on Christmas Day, then gifts from my side of the family.

10. How to you decorate your Christmas tree? How the kids do it is the way it stays. There are decorations that are years old, a couple of new ones, and some of the ones the kids have made over the years. The more colour the better. One string of lights on it too. No tinsel this year and it looks so much better.

11. Snow - love it or dread it? I think we all romanticise about a white Christmas. If we could have the snow without the cold slushiness, then bring it on. I could have a baked dinner too!

12. Can you ice skate? Yes, but it has been a LONG time. I learned when I was about 5.

13. Do you remember your favourite gift? Doll furniture individually wrapped. I don't remember the doll house, I just remember pulling present after present out of a huge Santa sack. Every chair was wrapped on its own. Every table. Every person. Every single piece. And they must have really been from Santa because my Mum doesn't remember it (and I know I would remember if I went to that much trouble wrapping pressies!). I would have been in the 4 - 6 age bracket I reckon. My memory from my childhood years is pretty non existent.

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Being together with family for a meal. I am Catholic but due to our family celebrations being on 2 separate days, last year was the first year we have made it to Christmas Mass (that's really bad, because our eldest is 16 & has only ever been to one Christmas Mass).

15. What is your favourite holiday dessert? I'm usually so full after the main meal that I really don't need dessert. But I will probably have a piece of pavlova this year just because I can. And some of the fruit platter.

16. What is your favourite holiday tradition? Light looking. We live in a suburb where lots of people decorate their houses (including us) so there are many within walking distance. Which means I can drink a Christmas beverage as we go! Disclaimer - I have driving commitments 5 nights a week so I rarely drink alcohol - by having a drink as we go I am killing two birds with the one stone so to speak - please don't deny me my Xmas tipple!

17. What tops your tree? A blue, glittery star in the living room &  black glittery star in the formal lounge room. Yeah, we have two trees.

18. Which do you prefer - giving or receiving? Giving. I love seeing other people's faces when they open their pressies. And I pray to God that I have bought them something they actually like! All I want for Christmas is a box of chocolates. That's what I ask for every year. But I am getting a sunhat this year from one of the kids. I picked it.

19. What is your favourite Christmas song? Just one? Are you serious?! Um......Happy Christmas (War is over), We wish you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Little Drummer Boy (I hated that one as a kid).

20. Candy canes - yuk or yum? Yuk. The kids don't like them much either. Thank God!

21. Favourite Christmas Show? I work nights so I  miss most of them, but just once I would like to watch Carols in the Domain from start to finish. Or the ones in Melbourne from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl - we went to them one year when I was a kid.

22. Saddest Christmas Song? Happy Christmas (War is Over) - also my favourite. I think I must like to cry.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Karen xx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner of JAWS Cleaning Products.....

And the 2nd winner for my JAWS giveaway is:

marybelle said...
No one like cleaning. So, it's just like ripping off a band-aid. Do it as quickly & easily as possible.

Congratulations Marybelle! I just sent you an email - you have until Dec 1st to claim your prize.

A masisve "Thank you" to the ever supportive Tina Gray for the shout out for my giveaway! I'm pretty sure you all are followers of hers already, but make sure you pop on over to her blog anyway, just to be sure. It's well worth the trip!

And as always, a big big "Thank you" to all those who took the time to enter. Your support is very much appreciated. I have been visiting your blogs & am in awe of the talent out there. Make sure you are a follower of my blog so you don't miss anything!

Karen xx

Friday, November 25, 2011

Table of Plenty Nicely Nutty Muesli Winner

 ************Winner could not be located - redrawn 12 Dec - new winner is gemmiealliston - have sent you an email**************

Firstly, a big big THANKYOU to Erin at Imperfectly Erin for the shout out for my giveaway. Make sure you go and visit her if you haven't done so already......

Welcome to you new followers - thanks for coming over - it's lovely to meet you! I have been visiting your blogs too and becoming a new follower of your own.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and enter.

And the winner is........

Chont said...

I actually tried a different kind of muesli from this brand and absolutely loved it. Had a beautiful vanilla flavour and I loved the fact there wasn't dried fruit in it, because they hurt my sensitive teeth. Hate sultanas and have to pick them out of many other brands of muesli, which is annoying.


You have until midnight Monday 28 November to claim your prize, either on here or by emailing me at Otherwise the prize will need to be redrawn.

Yours in fruit-free nutty goodness,

Karen xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Numbers Game

I've read a few posts over the last 24 hours about numbers in minds. They were quite interesting so I thought I'd play along....

Here's what I've been reading:

* Tina Gray {dot} Me here

* Beast and Beauty here

* The Girl Behind The Dress here

* Through My Own Looking Glass here

So here we go:

2 - the number of umbrellas we own in our household of six people

0 - the number of physio visits I still need to recover from my minor work injury (yay!)

20 - the number of dollars I need to put in for the unsold fundraiser chocolates

2 - the number of hubby's pays before Christmas (need. more.)

0 - the number of dollars leftover from my pay after the direct debits come out of the bank account

2 - the number of bills waiting to be paid, one is already overdue

3 - the number of paper newsletters I get each week

3 - the number of washing machines I have had since being married

19 - the number of years I have been married

70 - the number of guests at our wedding

1 - the number of days our Year 10 son has left of school this year

3 - the number of weeks extra holidays he gets as a result of Yr 10 finishing early

2 - the number of other kids in our house spitting chips about that

24 - the number of years I have been in the workforce (surely that is enough?)

9 - the number of jobs I have had in my working life

17 - the age I joined the workforce

13 - the number of time I have moved house in my life

0 - the number of times I want to move house again

Join in & play along. What numbers are on your mind?

Karen xx

Image from here on Google images

Sunday, November 20, 2011

i98fm Camp Quality Convoy for Kids 2011

What is i98fm?

My favourite Illawarra radio station. Check them out here.

What is Camp Quality?

A charity who helps families that are affected by childhood cancer. Check out their website here and their Illawarra specific site here.

Personally, I first heard about Camp Quality in my teens, when a girl I was at school with (Janet) went on one of their camps as a buddy to a child with cancer. Janet is a child leukaemia survivor, thanks to a bone marrow transplant she had in primary school, which would have been 1980. Imagine how many other families have been touched and supported by Camp Quality in all the years since.

What is Convoy for Kids?

Motorbike riders & truck companies can register to ride & drive in the Convoy. They get a Convoy tshirt to wear & the money goes to Camp Quality. Over $410,000 was raised in the lead up to today, with Illawarra Truck Repairs & Spares bidding/donating a massive $66,000 to have the honour of being the lead trucks. All the other companies whose bids are unsuccessful still donate the money. Another reason I like trucks!

Last I heard, there were 671 trucks and 617 motorbikes participating in Convoy this year. The bikes go first as they are a bit faster than the trucks! (Ray used to ride in it when he had a motorbike). This is the 7th year Convoy has been running.

Here is my day!

8:30am - day of Convoy - set up has already started:

Trucks arriving:

Zac when we found him after a few hours - he started there at 8am:

Bits of the day -

Wes Carr performing

One last glimpse as we were leaving at day's end.........(lots of trucks had left already)
This is the same paddock that was empty in the 1st photo.

As a side note, I really, really, really wanted to see Diesel perform (he was on after Wes Carr). I took the kids back to the rides during Wes Carr's set so they would be done & ready for a sit down when Diesel was on. We lined up, we frowned at the kids who pushed in (which meant my kids missed out by 1 kid on being in the next group to go on the ride) and cursed (under my breath) the parents who teach their kids to push in. I gave my kids their "last ride" warning - by this time I could hear Diesel singing. They were pushed in on, again. They had their last ride & we walked back towards to stage, just in time to hear Diesel say "Thanks for having me". I didn't even get to see him.

So, if you are a parent who permits & even encourages your kids to push in, you owe me a ticket to a Diesel concert. Even though today's was free - at least if you have to buy me a ticket, you might learn something.

But I don't want to take anything away from the real reason for the day. It wasn't about me, it was about the kids who are living with cancer, and their families.

Thanks i98fm and Camp Quality, bikers, truckers & everyone else involved with today for a fabulous day out. The kids and I are exhausted!

What did you get up to today?

Karen xx

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Swim session

that's my brother Paul who lives in London. All 6 foot 6 of him.

Paul's partner Stuart, Stuart's Mum Irene - she lives in Scotland

Our own mermaid Missy Megan

Zac on lifesaver duties lol

Liam LOVED having Uncle Paul play on the boogie board with him

Two against one!

We haven't seen Paul & Stuart since they were last in Australia 4 years ago. I've never met Irene before. I'm glad she came on the trip too. They are only here for 2 weeks so it was lovely to be able to spend so many hours with them. And I'm pretty sure they enjoyed their day as much as we did.

Karen xx

Another Winner Wanted!

I recently write a post about JAWS environmentally friendly cleaning products here and the lovely Nat has won a set of the three bottles shown. (Email your address to & I will get your prize out to you - no excuses not to clean now!).

Which means I still have one set to give away......

So if you want some of these,

simply leave me a comment below, telling me what you think about cleaning.

Giveaway will close Sunday 27th November. Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!

Karen xx

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waiter, there's no fruit in my muesli......(A Giveaway!)

Isn't it funny that when we think of muesli, we think of sultanas, dried apricots and maybe some cranberries & the like?

I've discovered a new muesli that has none of the above. Nope, none. None whatsoever.

So......if it has no fruit, then what does it have? Nuts. Pretty appropriate for me, considering I've been told my surname means "hazelnut" in another language. (Macedonian I think, but feel free to correct me - my surname is Leschnik). Yeah, there are lots of nuts in this nuthouse. But I digress.

I was asked to road test Table of Plenty's Nicely Nutty Muesli (fruit free mini clusters), which they tell me is "A delicious blend of whole rolled oats with almonds, cashews and seeds, oven baked with our signature vanilla recipe." (note - no hazelnuts!)










I had mine with milk but you could have it with yoghurt, with fruit on top or even as a dry snack. My kids love having dry cereal as a snack. But I didn't share this one. It's mine, all mine!

  • In keeping with Table of Plenty’s philosophy, Nicely Nutty is delicious AND nutritious!
  • Totally natural and with no preservatives
  • Fruit free
  • Fructose-friendly, wheat free and dairy free
  • High in fibre
It really is super yummy & contains just the right amount of sweetness - you know how some mueslis are super sweet - well, these guys (lady, actually) got it "just right".  And great for those who are health conscious or who have allergies. Unless you are allergic to nuts. Der.

Here's what it looks like:

Go and get some right now. From Coles. It's $4.99. Go on. I'll still be here when you get back.

Table of Plenty was established by Kate Weiss, the mother of a daughter with a rare genetic disorder, who needed to give up her intense full time job to be able to be the best Mum to her Amy that she could possibly be. So she started her own business (clever lady). Kate & her company's mission is to create food that you can trust from one mother to another that fits into our busy lifestyles. She wants to prove that food can be quick, delicious and nutritious all at once.

Today, Table of Plenty specialises in creating unique ranges combining taste and nutrition: a range of international-inspired spice blends and dukkahs, sweet Mini Rice Cakes and deliciously natural mueslis – with a flavour to suit any taste!

I was given the opportunity to try Table of Plenty's Mini Rice Cakes here. And you can check out their website here.

Now for the giveaway. I have a 500g box for one lucky winner. Oh, I should mention that it is a box of this yummy scrummy muesli, it's not my empty box!

To be in the running, simply leave me a comment telling me about the best or worst breakfast cereal/muesli you've ever had. You need to make sure I am able to contact you if you win. Open to Australian residents only.

Competition will close on Friday 25th November at 8pm (that would be Sydney NSW time).

Good luck!

Karen xx

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Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary box of Tale of Plenty's Nicely Nutty Muesli to taste and review. All opinions in this post are my own.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things that annoyed me today....and it's not even midday yet.

1. Hey kids - do you realise why you can't find clean lunchboxes in the cupboard? NEWSFLASH! They are all in your bags that you don't bother to empty in the arvos.

This is the pile that came out of bags this morning.....

I don't believe I should have to buy more lunchboxes. We have 12. There are 3 of you at school. You study maths, figure it out.

2. Something shorted out our power in the early hours of yesterday morning & we've been doing the ol' process of elimination with our appliances to figure out what it was. Found it! Today I will become the owner of a new washing machine. Not liking the expense but can't live without one. Am washing some clothes by hand today, as the high school kids have a concert tonight & need some of the clothes they wore yesterday. Of all days.......

3. The getting tighter of my clothes.......yep, all those cakes I baked over the last 2 months combined with restricted duties due to a work injury are taking their toll. My work is a physical job so I count it as my exercise. Not being able to do full duties = loss of exercise. Very frustrating.

So, I've hit that time of year, as I do every year, when I wish that I had tried REALLY hard to lose weight. Then I could wear all those pretty summer dresses that I am too embarrassed to even look at in the shops. I can be girly, when my weight is under control. So today I am writing down everything I eat. Make myself accountable.

Has anything annoyed you today?

Karen xx

How You Know It's Getting Closer to Christmas.....

I know the Christmas decorations & confectionery start being sold in stores right after Father's Day here in Australia, (I was SO excited when I spied the boxes in the stock area all those months ago at the supermarket I work at) but here are some other ways you know Christmas is finally getting closer.....

image from here

*  Christmas Carols playing on the instore music thingy (yeah, that's a technical term).

* Hams are instore - yes, I know one can always buy ham at Woollies but there are signs around the place telling you to get your Christmas ham now! (But please finish reading me first).

* The paper towel rolls have Christmas designs on them!

* The nappies have Christmas designs on them! Check them out Here.

* The Christmas issues of all the food / house related magazines have hit the shelves, making me want to buy them all.........anyone in PR want to send me a copy of the newest Better Homes & Gardens or Family Circle to review? We try a new recipe every year as part of our Christmas celebrations & I NEED each magazine to find just the right one.

* You wait eagerly for favourite blogger Tina Gray {dot} Me 's next Christmas related post (she started them 100 days prior to the big day).

I heard somewhere the other day that there is only 50 something sleeps until Christmas. I guess I had better start shopping!

What things make you realise Christmas is getting closer?

Karen xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Clean or Not to Clean........A Giveaway!

Some people have this image of me that I am a house cleaning freak. If that's you, you may want to stop reading now. But please don't. I like it when you read my blog.

So because I dislike cleaning so much, and because it seems to be a never ending job around here, I was pretty chuffed to be asked to try JAWS products and write what I thought of them.

Here's what I was sent (I used them a few times before I photographed them):

* Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner (blue)
* Bathroom Cleaner / Deodoriser (purple)
* Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Deodoriser (orange)

Each spray bottle comes ready to use & has a refill attached. The Just Add Water System (JAWS) is simple - once the bottle is empty, place the refill cartridge in the bottle, add water to the indicator line (on the back label) & shake to mix them. Then voila! Ready to go again.

I love that each bottle is 946ml......that's almost a whole litre! Most other cleaners come in 500ml bottles. These babies are gonna last for AGES!

I have been using the blue one on the bathroom mirrors in particular (because I hate cleaning windows) and it smelt so much better than other cleaners I have tried. And you know those spots that usually take some elbow grease to remove? (please tell me you have them too)...Gone! With a spray of this & a wipe with my cloth. I like that. And I can use it for my hard surfaces like the vanities and the kitchen bench. But I have been trialling the other bottles for those jobs.

The purple one has been getting a workout on the bathroom vanities and the toilets. I have to admit I don't like the smell very much but the product does get my bathrooms clean. With the small amount of effort I like to put in. Effort vs smell? Effort wins so this cleaner's a winner.

The multi-purpose cleaner & deodoriser has become acquainted with my kitchen. I like how my bench tops come up but don't think it brings the fridge door up to scratch. It smells nice too, which I wasn't expecting. I wish the smell lasted longer - I like to smell the clean, unlike others who can't stand the lingering scent of cleaners. It's a personal thing, I guess.

Now, if you are an environmentally aware person, you would love to know that jaws cleaning products are biodegradable (why does that look misspelled) and each bottle can be reused up to 26 times, simply by purchasing complete bottle the first time, then refills when it is finished. This is what's available in the range:

JAWS products:
  • JAWS Bathroom Cleaner/Deodoriser (plus one cartridge)- $6.99 (RRP)
  • JAWS Glass & Hard Surface Surface Cleaner (plus one cartridge) - $6.99 (RRP)
  • JAWS Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser (plus one cartridge) - $6.99 (RRP)
  • JAWS Bathroom Cleaner/Deodorise Cartridge (two pack) - $5.99 (RRP)
  • JAWS Glass & Hard Surface Surface Cleaner Cartridge (two pack) - $5.99 (RRP)
  • JAWS Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Cartridge (two pack) - $5.99 (RRP)

Do you know that we Aussies spend a whopping $700 million dollars a year on cleaning products, generating 44 million tonnes of waste. Imagine the difference we can make by making the simple switch to the jaws system. Now that would make my son Liam's environmentally savvy school teacher very happy!

The lovely people at JAWS have given me not one, but TWO packs to give away. Yay!!!! Each pack contains what is in my photo (up there - if I knew how to do an arrow I would - lol) - 1 x 946ml Glass & Hard Surface cleaner with refill attached; 1 x 946ml Bathroom Cleaner / Deodoriser with refill attached; and 1 x 946ml Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Deodoriser with refill attached. So there will no longer be any excuses for not cleaning.

How do you enter? Easy - be a follower of my blog (existing or new - make sure you let me know in your comment) and leave me a comment on what you think about cleaning. The giveaway will close at 8pm on Saturday 19 November, with the two winners to be chosen at random. Open to residents of Australia only.

Hope you win!

Karen xx

Disclaimer : I was sent a complimentary set of 3 JAWS products (as depicted in my photo) to use & review. The opinions in this review are my own. I have not been paid otherwise for this post.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friend Guilt

I have a case of what I call friend guilt at the moment. Guilty for my life continuing on in its own merry way, whilst a friend's world has been turned upside down.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch and a catch up with some other Wollongong Bloggers - check it out at Tina Gray {dot} Me here. I had a lovely time.

About 3 hours before the group photo in Tina's post was taken, I received a phone call to let me know that a friend's husband had passed away the night before after battling cancer for over 12 months.

This is a friend I have known since Year 7 (1982). She's one of those friends we all have - we can go years without catching up but when we do, it's like we've been in constant contact - we pick up where we left off.

I spoke to her yesterday afternoon and she sounded peaceful. She was surrounded by her wonderful family and her main concern is to make sure their 10 year old son is okay. I have no doubt that she will continue to be a wonderful Mum, she is a very strong woman. I don't know how I would cope in the same situation. She's grateful to have had time to prepare for this, rather than lose him suddenly. They were able to discuss and plan arrangements (I hate those words - discuss and plan arrangements). Just the other day after Mass, I overheard them discussing the memorial wall in our church grounds (where people place ashes & a plaque for their loved one) & I quipped that he wasn't going yet - he still had things to do here. There is nothing she wants me to do. She has it all under control already. She has meals in the freezer already. I guess I just need to be there mentally for her, ready to catch her if she feels like she is falling. I want to take her for coffee again when she is up to it.

So I continue on my charmed life today, in my normal routine (Tuesday = Grandma Day). She gets to meet with our parish priest again to finalise the funeral arrangements.

The candle I light today with be for him. Rest in Peace Laurie.

God Bless Linda & Daniel.

Karen xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Birthdays & Cakes in Our House.......

We have 2 birthdays in a 6 day period in our house, so I have been baking for 4 days now, for Charlotte's birthday Thurs, her party Sat & family over today to celebrate both hers and Zac's birthdays. I still have more to go, with Zac's actual birthday on Wed, then his party on Sat. But those cakes haven't been decided yet. Here's how I did these ones:

Quality control centre

Flower earrings (icing), white necklace, multi coloured bracelet, drop earrings & ring made from lollies
Yep, I made this cake........proud much? lol

The girls made a loungeroom out of the leftover cake!

Such a beautiful bunch of young ladies - it was a pleasure to have them here.


Zac's chosen cake:

I was SUPER proud of how this one turned out....Zac made the meringues & I did the rest

Zac & Charlotte just after blowing out their candles