Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini Rice Cakes - it's a Giveaway!

The people at Table of Plenty sent me some of their new Mini Rice Cakes to sample. (I think they figured out that I love snacking....)

And, being such lovely folks, they sent me some to give away too!!! There's lots to go around. I have 5 packets to give away. That's 5 lucky winners who will receive 1 packet each. We want as many people to try these as we can......

  • Available in three delectable flavours; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and triple berry yoghurt
  • Totally natural, gluten-free snack with no preservatives, colours or flavours
  • The chocolate and yoghurt coatings are made with pure cocoa butter – so NO vegetable oil
  • The dark chocolate flavour is also lactose and fructose free
They are wholegrain rice cakes with a layer of European chocolate or berry yoghurt on the top.

And, with each mini rice cake containing only 15 calories, they are a great snack for lunch boxes, morning or afternoon tea, rather than some of those high fat, preservative filled "treats" out there.

Now, this all sounds wonderful but the proof is in the tasting. I like to be honest with my reviews & here's what we thought:

Zac (likes flavoured rice cakes, not plain ones) - "they're good" (can I add that Zac is 15 & boys that age don't say much, they just eat much!)

Liam - Milk Chocolate ones taste the best. (he stopped talking long enough to try some)

Megan - likes the chocolate ones (fancy that, a girl who likes chocolate!)

Charlotte - "sweet & savoury should NEVER. be mixed". (she doesn't like my chocolate dipped pretzels for the same reason).

Ray (hates rice cakes at the best of times) - "no matter how much you dress them up, they still taste like cardboard, just with chocolate on it".

My Mum - could do with more chocolate but a good snack for anyone watching their carbs, sugar, fat and/or fat intake.....yep, I think that's who I inherited my chronic label reading habit from.

Me - Triple Berry Yoghurt ones are the best, although I did sample several of the chocolate ones as well. In the name of research of course. I was unsure at first bite, but found them rather more-ish. To the point that our complimentary packets are finished.

So, as you can see, taste is a very individual thing. But if you like rice cakes, you will like these.

Wouldn't you love to try a packet for FREE?

Simply leave me a comment telling me what you like to eat for a healthy snack. As stated, 5 winners will win one packet of Table of Plenty's Mini Rice Cakes. The winners will be randomly chosen.

Giveaway is open to Australian residents only and closes Saturday 17 Sept at 3pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time / Sydney Time).

If you don't win, then you can buy them at selected Coles Supermarkets for $3-99 per packet.

Happy Snacking,

Karen xx

Important bit: I received complimentary packets of Table of Plenty's Mini Rice Cakes to sample and review. The opinions are that of my family members and I


    operationhotmother said...

    The berry yoghurt ones sound good i have tried a different brand of choc ricecake bars and found them a little weird but the kids liked them and kids are not as accepting of just any chocolate as one might think to proove my point we still have easter eggs in the pantry because wont touch them they really dont like the chocolate that they are made of.

    Sweet Ever Afters said...

    My usual snack is fruit or pekish thins from woolies. They are a very thin rice cracker (but thats when I am being good). When I am not good - I love chocolate!

    Bek - you know who! said...

    The berry yoghurt ones sound like they are worth trying! Either way Im always open to trying something for nothing!!!! lol sos Pick me, pick me!!

    rambling mum said...

    Bek - you have won a packet! I'm sure I can drop them over to you during the coming week! xx

    bek - you know who! said...

    Yay - thanks! Will be looking forward to them ( and seeing you)