Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things that annoyed me today....and it's not even midday yet.

1. Hey kids - do you realise why you can't find clean lunchboxes in the cupboard? NEWSFLASH! They are all in your bags that you don't bother to empty in the arvos.

This is the pile that came out of bags this morning.....

I don't believe I should have to buy more lunchboxes. We have 12. There are 3 of you at school. You study maths, figure it out.

2. Something shorted out our power in the early hours of yesterday morning & we've been doing the ol' process of elimination with our appliances to figure out what it was. Found it! Today I will become the owner of a new washing machine. Not liking the expense but can't live without one. Am washing some clothes by hand today, as the high school kids have a concert tonight & need some of the clothes they wore yesterday. Of all days.......

3. The getting tighter of my clothes.......yep, all those cakes I baked over the last 2 months combined with restricted duties due to a work injury are taking their toll. My work is a physical job so I count it as my exercise. Not being able to do full duties = loss of exercise. Very frustrating.

So, I've hit that time of year, as I do every year, when I wish that I had tried REALLY hard to lose weight. Then I could wear all those pretty summer dresses that I am too embarrassed to even look at in the shops. I can be girly, when my weight is under control. So today I am writing down everything I eat. Make myself accountable.

Has anything annoyed you today?

Karen xx

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Lina Homes said...

I usually tend to ignore the things that are annoying to me and be more positive. This way is easier to cope with any unpleasant situation.