Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Christmas Decoration I Haven't Seen Before

I love Christmas. No, I LOVE Christmas. Yes, that's better.

To the point that I used to sell Christmas Decorations, so I think I have a fair idea of what's out there.

This week I found one I haven't seen before. You may or may not have seen it already, it depends if you frequent the baby aisle in the supermarket.

 No we don't sell babies, I'm talking about baby related items, you goose!

I pack shelves for a living, so when I found these I snuck a photo to share with you:

So now you can decorate your baby's bum this Christmas!

Cute hey?

Karen xx


Sweet Ever Afters said...

oh hilarious. I love it! Maybe then my little one will let me put her nappy on!

Jordy Move said...

Very cute idea!Christmas spirit is everywhere!