Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How's your fridge looking?

Every so often I like to run down the contents of the fridge and/or pantry to see if we can use everything up. It came from Simple Savings' $21 Challenge here.  I love the idea of the challenge - you can set your own $ amount, but the idea is to look at what you already have & work out what you can do with it, rather than just shop out of habit.

And Christmas is next week (yikes!) so we need to have as much space available in our fridge as we can. To house all that wine. beer. food.

And it's easier to clean if it is just about empty!

This is what our fridge looks like today:

Yeah, for a family of 6, there's not much in there. Lots of the bottles in the door are probably ready to be thrown out too, half used marinades, etc.

Top shelf: margarine, jams, Ray's wog foods (olives, chillies, etc) and the basket stops our cheese slices from getting lost in there.

2nd shelf: some wrap bread (has been open over a week so should prob be chucked by now), juice concentrate in 1st basket, cold meats (ham & salami) in 2nd basket.

3rd shelf: my water bottle - yay for me!

4th shelf: Up & Go drinks (teen breakfasts on school days - last day today!), strawberry punnet, cut watermelon in container & last night's leftovers in square white container (which have now been eaten for today's lunch).

Crispers contain a few carrots, some kiwifruit, a bit of cauliflower & a bit of broccoli and I don't want to get up to see what else!

Various sauces, mustards, marinades and drinks in the door. Along with eggs in their compartment up the top.

Fortunately the freezer below is fairly full and the pantry isn't quite bare yet. There is certainly enough to make a few respectable meals.

How's your fridge looking? I dare you to share - pic it, blog it, link it.

If I knew how to make a linky thingy I would, but I am a techno idiot so you will just have to pop a link in your post back to mine. Please?!


Karen xx


marbil said...

I too love to challenge myself to clear out the fridge and pantry, a great feeling of accomplishment!

marbil said...

Feels good to streamline, clear out, use up, utilise what we already have. Perhaps I am turning into my father!

Jennie Moves said...

It's my most hated chore, yet, someone has to do it :).