Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Swimming Breakthrough?

I don't want to get my hopes up prematurely but today was the first swimming lesson in which Missy Megan ALMOST cracked a smile! Almost, but not quite! It was also only the second lesson in which she didn't cry - I think she was close at one stage but was brave enough to keep it at bay.

She is learning to trust her teacher - the fabulous Louise at Shellharbour Swim Academy......today she was happy to be led around on a noodle & is VERY SLOWLY working her way up to jumping in. Louise has a lot of patience & doesn't get frustrated at all, instead she is thanking me for perservering with Megan! My take on it is that Megan needs to learn to swim. Get over it kiddo! (She has been in lessons with Louise since Feb).

Missy Megan is so funny to watch - all the other kids do the jumping in & the running on the floating mat followed by a jump in but not Missy Megan. Oh no way! She will sit on her bottom so she has to be dragged off the edge of the pool onto the mat & then slides across it, usually crying all the way. With lots of encouragement we got her to a crouch on the side of the pool today - a step towards standing to jump in!

Today saw a different Megan. Let's hope this one is here to stay......

What were your kids like when they were learning to swim?

Karen xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
Good luck with the swimming befor eyou knw it she will be a swim star at the St pauls swimming carnival......

mummabear1970 said...

I live in hope! Thanks!