Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Whiteboard

Here is a pic of my week that starts today.

It's my whiteboard that is on the fridge door. Every Sunday afternoon I grab the calendar off the wall & my diary & write up our whiteboard for the week. It's the only way I can keep track of who needs to be where. The calendar squares are too small & my eyes are getting too old to be able to read what is written on it from a distance. I used to live my life from my diary but since giving up the party plan business (the one that was taking over my life) I no longer carry my diary everywhere.

This way we all know what is happening, hubby Ray knows when I am going to work & where the kids need to be & when. He also has an idea of what happens in my life whilst he is at work. This is a pretty quiet week, which means lots of time for me to be at home and relax, oops, I mean do lots of housework!

I have even included a Dinner Winners section now, after being inspired by Tina Gray at with her Monday Meal Plan blogs.

Now everyone knows what is for dinner & it saves me having to spend time every day wondering what to cook. We should also see savings at the supermarket checkout! I will keep my fingers crossed anyway!!

What do you do in your home to keep track of everything?

Karen xx


bek said...

am liking Thursday list!!

Tina said...

It has a cupcake on it!!!! :D Happy to hear that one of my posts has inspired you, Karen. Have a terrific week! xx

mummabear1970 said...

Me too Bek!
You're welcome Tina!