Saturday, June 5, 2010

Benefits of Laziness

Boy, am I glad I have been too lazy to finish clearing out the kitchen cupboards! You know how it's one of those jobs when you say to yourself "I must do that one day". One does get fed up with things falling out when one opens the door, and having to take things out to get to what you want to use. Please tell me I am not alone in this!

We rarely use saucepans in our house - sounds strange at first, but we do most of the traditional stovetop cooking in the microwave. We really only use a saucepan to cook pasta and spag bol (in which case it's the massive pot that we use to make soups & the like). Rice, noodles, vegies, scrambled eggs, dim sims, are all cooked in the microwave. Makes for a (safe - no suacepans to pull down) child friendly kitchen, quick meals (considering we don't often plan them in advance) and a generally happy "chef".

So the saucepans are something I have been considering clearing out & donating to chrity so they can be passed on someone who could use them (keeping the bare minimum here instead of doubles like we have now). Luckily I am lazy.

On Friday - something happened. RIP MICROWAVE OVEN!

Oh No! How will we cope without one for a few days until we get another? Well, thank goodness for all those saucepans I must say! Tinned spaghetti, two minute noodles, steamed dim sims - all the things we usually put in the microwave without a second thought now need extra time to plan & cook. I have meat defrosting in the fridge for tomorrow night's dinner (OMG - I have had to plan tomorrow's dinner already!). Luckily we have some crumbed chicken in the fridge already defrosting & some leftover cottage pie (which will be reheated tonight in the regular oven instead of the microwave). If I pulled something out of the freezer now, it wouldn't defrsot in time for tonight's dinner!

Wow - all these things that I don't usually need to consider! I admit I sometimes do try & plan some meals for the week but the meat sits in the freezer until I defrost it in the microwave just before cooking it. I can't have you thinking I am completely lazy!

But sometimes, especially with saucepans, it pays off!

How do you cope when something like this happens to you?

Karen xx

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