Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do Your Kids Look Like You?

I have always been told that our 3 kids look like my husband Ray. I am no good at picking who kids resemble in relation to their parents (unless it's bleedin' obvious like my friend Kim's kids I do think our eldest looks a touch like my brother and I do agree that Liam looks like the photos of Ray I have seen from when he was the same age. And Megan is definitely a female version of Liam so she must be just like Ray too.....I didn't get much of a look in at all!

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some pictures.....

In descending order we have  Megan, Dad, Liam, Mum & Zac. Artist : Megan (except the pic of her which was drawn by Zac).....

Compare these to our actual pics!

Zac & Megan in the first pic & Liam with his singlet on his head in the second pic.
Much resemblance?!

Ray wants to remain anonymous so I have not included a photo of him, but I kept threatening I would! "I don't wanna be a blog!"

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Bek said...

Zac is absolutely a copy of you! You did get a look in Karen.... but yeah Missy Megan and Liam are Ray for sure!!