Friday, June 4, 2010

A Beautiful Night Away

Gorgeous Hubby & I were gifted a dinner, accommodation & breakfast package at Jamberoo Valley Lodge by 3 couples for our combined 40th birthdays earlier this year. We finally had the opportunity to use it last night!

Oma (Ray's mum) came to our place for a sleepover with the kids (our friends did offer to billet them between them but mother in law was available & wanting to mind them) so off we went.

We were the only guests at the lodge so instead of seating us in the big restaurant & having us feel uncomfortable, the thoughtful staff pushed lounges aside & set up a dining table in front of the log fire. It was a beautiful way to have our delicious 3 course dinner. Of course, with a couple of bottles of wine! And the drizzly weather added to the atmosphere.

Breakfast was the same set up except the fire wasn't lit(and coffee instead of wine). Nice & peaceful, freshly cooked bacon & eggs after toast & fruit, with no worries about kids spilling drinks or not eating up!

A delightful and rare night away. After recently clicking over 18 years of marriage, I think it was well earned too!

So a big big THANK YOU to Lisa & Zvonko, Bek & John, and Lisa & Dave for this wonderful opportunity for some time to ourselves!

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