Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whites - A DVD Review

I am loving this whole having DVD's sent to me to review thingy that's happening right now!

Here's what we've been watching this time:

It's a new BBC comedy series set in the high-pressured kitchen of a beautiful country house hotel.

Head Chef Roland wants to get the Michelin Star he considers himself worthy of but gets distracted by his desire to write his autobiography. And his laziness.

Sous Chef Bib is left to attempt to get the busy kitchen under control, an effort which is not helped when the cocky apprentice chef named Skoose arrives on the scene & makes it clear he has ambitions for Bib's job!

Throw in some know-it-all (and one particularly ditzy) women working the front of house and you have a recipe for some pretty funny things to happen. I am a foodie through & through so I was keen to give this one a look.

I wasn't sure what to expect, having seen too many episodes of kitchen shows. I am used to romantic comedies or sitcoms.

"Whites" is not like any of them. It is not a reality show. It is not Gordon Ramsay dropping the "f" bomb every sentence. It is a British comedy, so you know it's going to be funny and you know there will be attention to detail (they even had Jamie Oliver's "Fifteen" restaurant academy help train the cast with the kitchen lingo & different dishes - that's credibility in my book!). I found myself chuckling in several places. What we see of the charaters' lives is not restricted to the kitchen. Bib is so loveable. He is my favourite. Probably because he is trying so hard to become a father & I am such a mumma!

Hubby's opinion? He thought it was great - they've produced a story with comedy in it, rather than making the comedy the focus with only a loose storyline. There is room for the characters to develop thoughout the series.

This DVD (6 episodes plus out takes & interviews) is being released by Universal Pictures this month, so keep your eyes open for it in stores now! If you love a British comedy, this one is for you!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD to watch and review. No other payment has been offered or accepted. Opinions are that of myself and my husband.

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