Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sympathy in Sickness.....

After reading Tina Gray's so poxy this morning, I though I'd share how our household is going today.

Liam is home on a Pupil Free Day and has been very pale, with a sore tummy & not feeling very well at all. He has barely moved off the lounge and any of you who know our Liam will know that he is usually a ball of energy and noise.

Not long ago he was moving from one lounge room to the other when he stopped by the kitchen to ask for some of the lemonade I had just done a Woollies run to buy for him. He promptly threw up. Thankfully it was all over the tiles, not in the carpeted lounge, nor on the lounge itself.

Hubby Ray, who is home on an annual leave day & not feeling the best either, almost did the same in sympathy for him. He may have a cast iron stomach foodwise, but not sickness wise. He made a quick exit!

Mess # 1 all cleaned up.

Liam asks for that lemonade that he didn't actually get. Ray - "hang on, I have to make it flat first". (The only way I know how to do that is to leave it out for hours). Pours some out. Adds a sugar sachet to the bottle, warning me that is will fizz up. Yep, too much sugar. Lemonade all over the bench, floor, cupboards (in the cupboard too), newspaper (that I had just bought & nobody had read yet), and bread board (where my now cold toasted sandwiches were that I had abandoned to clean up Liam's mess).

Yep. That was Mess # 2. But I got Ray to clean that one up!

Both within 20 minutes of each other.

Liam is now feeling much bettter and has some colour back in his face.

just check my temp again mum

 I now have another load of washing to do. Just. When. I. Had. Finished.

I guess my work is never finished.

How's your day going?

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