Monday, June 27, 2011

Off to the Theatre

Tomorrow night we are off to the theatre. Roo Theatre. At Shellharbour. Small theatre about 15 minutes' drive from our house. (for those of you who are not local!).

Yes, it's school musical time. They are dress rehearsing today and have 6 shows over Wed, Fri & Sat. That equals a lot of tired teens!

The theme is "Generation Why??" and apparently is a Glee type show. It covers bullying, peer pressure, body image and other issues that come to light predominantly in the teenage years. Charlotte is dancing in it. And she has a small speaking part. There are no singers in our household!

These kids have worked very hard for months, after school, in lunchbreaks and on weekends to get the show up & running. They have been writing, choreographing, set decorating (stage crew rocks!), costuming, all with the help of some pretty dedicated teachers and parents. The student band is also playing. Such a showcase of talent!

I have seen the song list for the musical and I am pretty impressed. The Beatles, AC/DC, Joan Jett, Queen, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra and Katy Perry - and that's only some of them!

I LOVE school musicals. I was always in them when I was in high school. The teamwork. The opportunity to be on stage, even though I am neither a singer nor a dancer. I was still given the chance. And it's the very same high school is where our kids go & I am very excited to see the talent of these youngsters. Of course they have come a long way since the mid 1980's, when the school was still in its infancy. (I was part of the first cohort in a new school).

Did you participate in any school productions?

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