Monday, June 6, 2011

Irrational Psycho Bitch in Residence

I must start with an apology to those relatives & friends of mine who are members of the Police Force. This is not directed at you.

This is menstrual pyscho lady talking. I know I am not normally like this, but today? I can't help it.

I understand that you patrol school zones. I love that. I wish you were there every day.

You don't understand that parking is at a premium at schools.  Learn to park so that you don't take up the space of 3 cars. Yeah, I went to park in front of you. Because I couldn't fit behind you. You plonked yourself right in the middle.

Don't compliment me on my precision parking.......I managed to not reverse into you and I managed to not cover the driveway in front. Nah. Just make me move my car.

You said I couldn't park there in case you needed to get out in a hurry to chase someone. Well if there is room for me to park a station wagon between you & the driveway in front, there was shitloads of room for you to get out. Especially as there was no room for anyone to park behind you.

If you had have parked a metre further forward you would have only taken up 2 spaces & I could have parked behind you. And if you can't get out of the length of 2 parking spaces in a hurry, then you need to watch us mums get out of a single space. We could teach you something there.

So, down the road to the nearest side street, turn around, come back to the off street carpark (which is where I was originally going to park and usually do). Navigate the high school & primary school traffic AGAIN. You watch me drive in - I saw you. I was giving you the evil eye.

Park the car. Walk down the driveway. You are gone. WHAT?!

Cast my eyes down the road. It's a 3km straight stretch of road - we can see right to the township. You are not there. You have not pulled anyone over to book them. YOU ARE GONE!!!

So you made me move for nothing. Hope you enjoyed your powertrip. Asshole. Enjoy your F*&%'n coffee.

Has anything pissed you off yet today?

Karen xx


Kellie said...

LOL! Oh dear, Karen. Fingers crossed, so far so good for me!! ;)

anntfarrington said...

I saw a cop car turn into Macquarie st about 8-30am, maybe your guy. Talk about a bit of overkill. How much high speed chasing can he do in a 40 zone!!!!!!!!

mummabear1970 said...

I know!! Thank goodness my day got better. xx