Monday, June 20, 2011

That Bloomin' Weight Loss Roundabout Again.....

Start weight: 84kg.

Where I would like to get to: 64kg.

Maybe lower, I can't remember how I looked at 64kg, it's been so long. At my lightest I was 55kg. But that one is too hard to maintain. This time 9 years ago I lost 14 kg, down to 74kg & thought I looked good. Until I saw a photo. Then life got busy again & I allowed the weight to come back.

Here's a photo I didn't want to publicise because it shows how much weight I have put back on. What seems like only a few months ago I was 77.7kg.

Maybe this photo is the kick up the butt I need to do something about this.

Feeling pretty low about it right now.

SO many people struggle with their weight. It shouldn't be this hard.

What has worked for you? Are there any tips you can give me?


Karen xx

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