Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Domesticity Day

I must admit I am a fan of days like today. Simply pottering around the house tidying up & cleaning bits. Our little girl is not sick today - YAY!

I must also admit I am not as beautifully dressed as the domestic goddess in the above picture.

pic taken by my princess Missy Megan
here she is!

So far I have cleaned out the kids' bathroom cabinet (the hair clips & ties are now safely housed in a Tupperware container), cleaned the kitchen,done a couple of loads of washing, had the groceries home delivered and put them away in less time than it takes me to bring them in from the car (and saved myself a sore back!). Oh, and I've also been liaising with some lovely PR people about a VERY exciting product review that I hope to be blogging about in the not too distant future. Even my hubby couldn't guess what this one was!

What's keeping you busy today?

Karen xx

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