Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watching Movies with the kids (A Giveaway)

The kids & I had the chance to watch some DVDs recently, which was the perfect way to fill in a wintry afternoon....Thanks Universal Sony Pictures!

AND we've got some to share as giveaways! So keep on reading and I'll tell you what they were, what we thought and how you can win them.

The Jungle Bunch is the story of Maurice, the penguin who thinks he is a tiger. He even has stripes! As an egg, he fell off Antarctica, ended up in the jungle and was adopted by a tigress. He's happily spending his days hunting, repainting his stripes (love how he does this) and teaching his adopted son Junior (he's a Tiger Fish) hunting techniques.

Ping and Pong are penguins from Maurice's Antarctic village, who are searching for "The Great Warrior Tiger" to overthrow the walruses who are demanding the penquins' fish supplies. They stumble upon Maurice who agrees to help them (being a tiger, and all). So he gathers together his misfit jungle friends and they set off from the Jungle to the South Pole, collecting more misfits on the way and getting in and out of strife.

It's promoted as a Madagascar meets Happy Feet adventure and the kids (I'm talking Mr 9 and Miss 5 here, I didn't get Mr 16 to watch it) enjoyed it.

Liam gave it 7/10, liking that it's funny and thinking that the graphics could be better. Bear in mind that he is used to watching blockbuster movies on the big screen. I think he is getting a bit old for "kids movies" now.

Megan doesn't have the capacity to give scores yet, but she has watched it a few times already. Which means she likes it. And giggled in several places.

I didn't fall in love with the characters (like Gloria or Melman in Madagascar, and to have singing and dancing penguins would just be copying Happy Feet). I was looking for something more, but I don't know what. But it's not aimed at an adult audience, it's what the kids think that counts here. But I did like it better the second time I watched it. I found some funny bits! Like the snake. And the penguins launching themselves at the walruses. And Miguel the tappy, tappy gorilla! But Fred the singing warthog didn't do it for me. Maybe he will do it for you.

This is my favourite of the 3 movies we watched.

Anything can happen on NIM'S ISLAND, a place where everything runs wild, especially imagination!

Eleven year old Nim and her marine biologist Dad live a life many of us fantasise about, living on an otherwise undiscovered tropical island, with animals as friends - Silkie the seal, Fred the iguana and Galileo the pelican. And they are determined to stop others from discovering their island.

Nim fills her days with exploration and adventure, inspired by her literary hero, the world's greatest adventurer Alex Rover (think Indiana Jones type character). When her island paradise is in jeopardy from intruders, Nim reaches out to her hero for help.

My opinion: An easy to watch, enjoyable kids movie. Jodie Foster, as the role of reclusive author Alexandra Rover, is fabulous and funny. (I am a fan of hers). Alex Rover is ruggedly handsome. Nim is lovable and believable. The animals play real roles (not just there to fill in space) and they are funny!

Liam's opinion: 9/10 - he like that the animals are funny.

Megan's opinion - it's the first thing she asked to watch the next day, so I guess she liked it!

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu features the first six episodes of Season Two, Volume One, with bonus mini episodes as well. Evil Lloyd Garmadon has released sinister snake people in an effort to conquer the land of Ninjago. When his plan goes wrong & he ends up a prisoner of the snakes, he must join forces with the ninja team (Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole - good guys) to stop an enemy who is prophesied to cast eternal darkness over their land. Who will rise above the rest and become the Green Ninja? I'm not telling!

Mr Liam, at 9, is a MAJOR fan of all things Lego. And with Ninjago being the latest breed of Lego characters, this was sure to be a hit.

And it is. I got him to give me a review. He gave it 10/10. Loved it. Wouldn't change a thing. So if you have a LEGO fan, this is a must for you.

For those of you paying attention, I mentioned way up near the top, that I have a giveaway. Yes I do. Thanks to Universal Sony Pictures. I have 2 copies of each of these DVDs up for grabs. So 2 winners will win a copy of each. Pretty cool, hey?!

To enter, leave me a comment on my blog (not my Facebook post) telling me the last kid's movie you watched. Too easy!

Entry is open to Australian residents only and will close at 6pm on 5th August. Please make sure you leave an email address so I can get in touch with you if you win.

Thank you and good luck.

Karen xx.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of each DVD for review purposes. Opinions expressed are those of myself and my family.


MichVee said...

The last kids movie I watched was Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. It was on tv a couple of weeks back. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. (email is

marybelle said...

The last kids movie I watched was TANGLED. We all just loved it & I know it is now on someone's Christmas wish list.


Bek Williams said...

We went to the movies ( which I never do as they are so overpriced) and saw Brave! It was so funny, both my girls really enjoyed it. But word of advice: take some tissues!

Erin said...

the last kids movie i watched was toy story 1 it is a massive favourite in our house and has been played to death .

clare fleming said...

The last kids movie i watch was ice age 3

Anonymous said...

The last kids movie i watched was Brave at the movies, Just purchased the Lorax today , love that movie :-)

skrapkatz said...

Oops just realised I commented anonymously LOL, it's Rona, (David Bailey's sister)