Friday, July 27, 2012

The Bra Off Brigade

Yes, I've become a member of the bra-off brigade.

No, not one of these women who never wears a bra. My boobs are already low enough on my body thanks.

I'm talking the "No thanks, I'm not going out, I've already taken my bra off" brigade.

It used to only be occasional, but now it's become a daily thing.

And I should have joined it yonks ago!

Because bras are ridiculously uncomfortable. Proper fitting is great until the elastic starts going funny. Or if you are like me and your weight fluctuates......And don't get me started on underwires coming out.

What about you? Are you a member?

Karen xx


Erin said...

yep been a member for a long time and have never looked back lol

Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

Yep, lifetime member here too. And what's with the wires coming out in bras!?

drivelology said...

Most definitely yes I am a member!

Underwires are the biggest pain in the butt ever - just ask Mr Drivel who tried for 2 days to remove one from the washing machine before cracking a massive shit and going a buying a whole new washing machine altogether. I'm not sure he's ever really forgiven my for that.

I'm fairly sure my boobs breathe and audible sigh of relief every time I pull that bra off. And once it's off it ain't going back on for anything!

Annaleis @ Teapots and Tractors said...

I wish - I don't sleep with my bra on but I hurt if I don't wear one all the time!

lavachickie said...

Drivelology, if your underwires are a pain yer but, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. ;)

But seriously... I need (and like to a point) bras that are some impressive feats of architectural accomplishment. So when a wire goes... one time I was just standing there, heard and audible *snap* and a few moments later felt the dig. SERIOUSLY!? So between meetings I run into the restroom, take it off, wrestle the damn broken wire out and... hope no one notices there's a little difference from right to left.


rambling mum said...

Lovin it! I saw a pattern for a standard bra & it had so many pieces to put together, no wonder they fall apart so easily.

Thanks for your comments gals - drivelology, Teapots and Tractors, lavachickie - I am heading over to have a read of you all right now. Erin & Tina - you know I already read everything you write!