Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Countrification of Us. Part 1.

To bring you up to speed, over the past two weeks, we have packed up our family of 5 & moved to a town 5 hours northwest from everything familiar to us. Was it really only 2 weeks ago? Feels like we've been gone for ages.

It's a tree change, the ocean is now hours away. We are being countrified! And we are loving it.

The packup took 3 days, which looked like this:

my balloons from farewell lunch
looks HUGE when empty!
nothing left in here Mum
my entryway
my hallway

our highly efficient movers

To escape it, we were able to stay at alternative accommodation (Thanks new company!):

where I spent my 2 evenings, luxuriously bubbling
love the mini supplies

So that's where we left the Illawarra region. 32 years of familiarity for me, gone. Hubster Ray was born there 42 years ago.
Fast forward to the Saturday & we took the drive to our new town (which took 7 hours with Sydney traffic & a lunch stop).

Here's one for all you keen photographers:

(It's a history of cameras, found the the cafe we stopped at for lunch).

Let me tell you, that after that long trip, having google mapped the address for our temporary accommodation, to reach the house at dusk, and be met at the door by a friendly housekeeper who had unlocked & warmed the house AND bought us some grocery essentials, was an AMAZING first impression that is tattooed into my mind. Plus there was a gourmet food & wine hamper on the bench. And a bag full of touristy guides & maps - this area is full of wineries, I'm thinking I'll feel right at home.

Here's a glimpse of the farmhouse. More to come next post.

This is where I will leave Part 1. Stay tuned for part 2.

Do you have a moving house story to tell? Share it with me!

Karen xx

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