Monday, July 30, 2012

Being local tourists.

We got to be tourists in our new region over the weekend. It was our first venture north of here.

I have shared on Facebook recently a couple of pictures of how my street looks. It reminds me a lot of when I lived in Bowral NSW, and also about 35 years ago when I lived near Melbourne Vic.

Only a few minutes out of town, you are met with this:

The green paddocks have been irrigated - this is horse breeding territory and the horses need lovely green grass to munch on. So do the cows.

We were thinking it was a little odd that someone would have laid turf along the side of the road. Then we came across this property, it's the breeding/racing stables owned by an Arab conglomerate. Emirates Park. The buildings were awesome, I couldn't get a close enough photo. And down the road was the biggest barn/stable I will ever see in my life. Also owned by them.

On our way back we stopped at Burning Mountain to walk up to the lookout. It's a 4.6km return walk.
Here's the incredible view from the top:

Just breathtaking.
Start & finish point

We found Skippy! Lots of Skippys by the time we finished.

Burning Mountain has a coal seam beneath it, that has been on fire for around 5 thousand years. As you get towards the top you can smell the sulphur. At the top end of the walk you can see the heat shimmer coming off the rocks. And occasional puffs of smoke coming out.

The hot rocks at the top.

There is so much to see around here. On my shortlist are the wash pools. Which is a popular place amongst the locals. Guess I had better have a look for myself.

Do you play tourist in your own town?

Karen xx

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