Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flexibility - I need some.

Today Miss Megan & I started at a weekly early childhood music class. Which we enjoyed immensely. We did some singing and dancing (and jumping, oh my poor old body!), and we played some percussion instruments.

Which was fine, except that most of the time we were all sitting cross legged on the floor. I had pain in my hips the whole time.

What a sight I must have been afterwards, trying to walk out of the building and back to the car. My hips were really stiff and wouldn't move properly.

I seriously need to learn some stretching exercises.

Got any tips?

Karen xx

1 comment:

Bek Williams said...

Glad your music class was fun, can imagine megans happy face!
My doctor keeps telling me to walk. Walk everywhere at a decent pace to get everything started! Follow the walk with some stretching! Or you could get out the Wii....lol