Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sydney Royal Easter Show - a day in pics

Thanks to Trish at My Little Drummer Boys and, I was lucky enough to win a family pass to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, complete with VIP passes for access to Members' Only areas. Very spesh!

Here's some of the many photos I took today! I have heaps more (particularly of the unusual chooks!) and there are still bits of the Easter Show we haven't seen. Next time, young legs won't be as young and although they weren't complaining, they will be able to tackle a longer day.

being VIP in the Members' Stand

we all like chooks, they are so many varieties (roasted, stir fried, crumbed, lol)

one more seed and I think I'll explode!

Megan working out her score
Men's wood chop heat, Qld guy in maroon singlet finished & is waiting for the others to catch up

this was AMAZING - the lady on the right had 50 sec handicap (meaning the others started before her) & she still won!

carnival food for the drive home
home, showered, pj'd, now for a nice cuppa

We have only been to the show 3 times in the 16 years we have had children, so one year I would like to book accommodation close by & stay late enough to watch the fireworks. Oh, and blow about $200 on the rides! And about the same on Show bags, the kids LOVED theirs today.

Are you doing the Easter Show this year? What's your favourite bit?

Karen xx


bek said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us, looks like you had an amazing day.
Were not going this year, its just too expensive.

rambling mum said...

I have a friend who took her 3 kids & spent $550 for the day. It can very quickly add up that's for sure. We can't justify going every year so I was really thankful for the passes. Also, we are not saving for a wedding & house like you guys are - I imagine they are your focus for the foreseeable future! xx