Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last day of Term

This is the sign outside our front door this week.

Yep, last day of term today. LOVE school holidays, not having to be anywhere unless we choose to be. Allows us to slow down a bit. Allows me to catch up on some sleep.

We're not going away for the holidays, just a couple of days out here & there depending on what the weather does. Great opportunity to sort the kids' bedrooms. I think they'd rather go somewhere!

Do you like school holidays or do spend them tearing your hair out? Do you have any plans for these holidays?

Karen xx


Anonymous said...

I'm a child on school holidays and i sometimes find it boring whilst doing nothing every day, but the days i can find some fun things to do. Schools going back soon anyway, exams coming up. ehh. xo

rambling mum said...

good luck in your exams - yr 11 half yearlies?