Monday, April 16, 2012

Our troops are coming home at last

Can I just start by saying a huge THANK YOU to the 179 people who read my blog yesterday. WOW! That is a record and I am absolutely chuffed! I know to some of you that 179 isn't that many, but to little ol' me, it's HUGE. So again, THANKS!

Now for something more serious:

A hot item in the Australian news today is the announcement by our Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard that our Aussie troops will be coming home from Afghanistan early, with most being home by early 2014. I know that's still a long way away but at least it's something.

You can read the article from ninemsn here.

As the mother of a 16 year old son who is planning a military career, this is wonderful news. I have asked myself if I am giving him a death sentence by encouraging him to pursue his career of choice. I am hoping he can tie his music in with it somewhere (to keep him off the front line). I cried through an English documentary the other day about young soldiers going through their basic training & committing to their 4 years in the army. Two of them were placed in the troop to be deployed to Afghanistan in 6 months. They interviewed their mothers, who were being incredibly brave in front of their sons. Because you have to be. I question if I could be that brave.

We have lost too many soldiers in Afghanistan (32 since 2001 & 209 injured). Australia is not at war so in my opinion our troops do not need to be there. This may be a pretty ignorant statement, but it's my opinion. Yes I am uneducated as to why our troops are there. I choose to be by not reading those pages in the newspaper. I have no interest in politics. I just want our soldiers home so no more families have to lose their sons, dads, husbands, daughters, wives, mothers. Bring. Them. Home.

What's your thoughts?

Karen xx

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