Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It seems Mum was right all along.....

I was brought up on plain breakfasts.

No Coco Pops, Fruit Loops or Muesli in our place. And that was before Nutri Grain or Sultana Bran were invented. It was plain old Rice Bubbles, Corn Flakes or Vita Brits (Weetbix weren't allowed because apparently the company that makes them is tied in with a different religion to my Dad's beliefs). Or toast. Sometimes in winter we had porridge. The other cereals were all "rubbish". Yes, all of them.

I reckon that over the years since I left home, I have tried almost every breakfast cereal in the shops! When I eat breakfast. Which I now do.

Some of them leave me hungry after a recommended serving size, most don't see me through until lunch time, which in my opinion, breakfasts should do. Morning tea shouldn't be needed, it should be optional. I am of the old school - 3 squares a day, sir. But having said that, I do love a nice morning or afternoon tea. And I do tend to pick during the day. And night.

I have also tried countless diets and eating plans over the years. Weight Watchers, Gloria Marshall (remember them lol?!), Sure Slim, meal replacement shakes, low carb, low GI, and I'm sure there are more.

What I am finding is working best for me right now is having good old Weetbix for breakfast. (Weetbix taste better than Vita Brits & I tolerate all religions!). Yep, 2 Weetbix & milk every morning. I love them. By the time lunch time arrives I am ready to eat but not at the "I'm starving" point. A sensible lunch (I have so far resisted the KFC that opened about 6 months ago in my home town), then an awareness of what I'm eating for dinner. I am reducing the carbs, not cutting them out. And I'm writing down what I eat. When I remember. If I can find a pen that works.

So far I have only lost a little over 2kg in nearly a month. But we are still eating our way through Easter chocolate so I don't consider that too bad. I am heading in the right direction. So this time in 12 months, sexy will be back.

And it seems my mother was right all along. Plain cereals are the ones to eat! And eating breakfast is essential.

What have you discovered in your life that your folks were right about all along?

Karen xx

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Salz DummySpit said...

When I was a kid my mum used to feed me weetbix cause I wouldn't eat it. she would buy it cause I think it was the cheapest their. I hated it and still can't stand the taste or smell. My folks were right about nothing that I can remember lol. Maybe they secretly wanted me to have a daughter that was exactly like me and I got that.