Sunday, April 1, 2012

An end to Daylight Savings

I love daylight savings. I feel like I have more time in the evenings to get things done before I go to work. It's summer season. Life feels like it has a slower pace.

When we woke up this morning, time had gone backwards by one hour. Now we are on standard time. Winter time. That means cold weather is coming.

That means the heater will come out in the not too distant future.

That means there will be condensation on the windows.

That means extra housework for me, drying them.

That means extra washing for me -  the towels I use to dry the windows.

But what do I like about the end of daylight savings?

Getting into my jammies & bed socks early so I feel nice & snugly (on the nights I'm not working).

Getting the kids bathed & into jammies early so they feel nice & snugly.

The smell of dinner in the slow cooker or a soup on the stove.

The fact that our younger kids fell asleep early tonight because it was dark early!! (one's not well but I'm claiming the end of d/s excuse anyway lol).

There are probably lots of other reasons too, but these are what came to mind immediately.

What do you like or dislike about daylight savings or standard time? Do you have little rituals like the early bath & into jammies too?

Karen xx

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