Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the way to a crap free home.....

This is the year I am organising the house. I know everyone thinks I am already organised, but you don't know what's below the surface. It's a bit like an iceberg - 10% is visible, the other 90% is below the water.

This is the kind of stuff I've been doing lately:

my newsletters drawers + bills to be paid
streamlining superannuation

window tracks "after" - think I need to do them again!
my filing drawer

why do I end up doing it when it's the kids' job?

gave it a SUPER clean & wanted to see how it photographed
energy boost
normal routine.....

What cheeses me off? I just rang the superannuation company & they are going to charge me $35 to transfer a measly $250 into another super fund. If I don't do it then it will be eaten away by fees. So I have no choice but to pay it.

What else cheeses me off? We recently changed doctors & I asked for our medical records to be transferred from the other practice. They want to charge $55 for mine, $27-50 for each of the younger kids & today they rang to speak to Zac (who is at school) & didn't want to tell me who they were or what it was about. I don't care if he is considered an adult in their eyes because he is 16 - I signed the form, I take him to the doctor, he is a full time student living at home, he's on my medicare card (not his own), if they have something to tell him, they can do it through me. I told them to forget about it because I'm not paying it. Anything the new doctor needs to know I will tell them myself. I was just doing because I thought it would help.

Hey Tina Gray ! Did you notice there is a Christmas decoration on my bathroom window sill?! Sneaky hey!

What's going on at your place lately?

Karen xx

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bek said...

Lunch looks yum!

I need so much more motivation to get stuff done, good for you!

I have those drawers but they are not being used for anything useful at the moment.