Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chopped & Stitched

Well, I've been to the Skin Cancer Clinic after blogging about my suspicions here and here.

Upper back just left of centre

Above right boob.

Knew the one on my back needed investigating but not the one on my chest. Removed just in case. The doctor warned me the scar could be wide due to stretching from the weight of my breast dragging on it. If I am concerned about how it looks he can inject a steroid into it (see that scar in the top right corner of the photo, that has been injected - I am so used to seeing it, I had actually forgotten that I'd had something cut out!). I told him that at 42 I have EARNED my scars! I actually have another scar just behind that top button, yep I had a mole removed from right between my boobs. Mum organised that so I wouldn't be self conscious about it as a teen. It was raised & big. (Thanks Mum!). I inherited it from Dad as he still has one there.

Anyway, I get my results in 2 weeks when I go back to get my stitches removed. Expecting that to be the end of it. Keeping fingers crossed!

Oh, and he told me I have a very moley back!

Have you hit the age when you are proud of your battle scars, or do you prefer to disguise or hide them?

Karen xx


Angela said...

i know how you feel...i had some major surgery a year and the scar from that sits near my c-section scar....proud to have gotten through both...and not like i will wear a bikini anytime soon. :). good luck for the results.

rambling mum said...

thanks! i am (naively) confident that the results will come back all clear. xx