Thursday, March 1, 2012

The HouseWorkOut

One of our local radio stations has a segment called "10 from then", which this morning had
songs from 1984. TOTALLY my era! I was 14 & in Year 9 at school.

Here's a snippet of what I was rockin' to this morning:

Great for doing lunges.......whilst folding washing & sorting socks

(I didn't put the original video clip in because of the fighting in it)

When this song was on, I made beds & put a load of washing on.

F*#k the house work, just DANCE!!!

Go on, I dare you to.

Apologies to my neighbours for my singing, thank goodness we have tinted windows so nobody could see me bopping around all over the place!

Do you house workout to music?

What gets your toes tapping?

Karen xx


Kate Sins said...

Oh my giddy aunt, I love 'Wake me up before you go'!! I haven't heard it for yeeeeears. Going to play it now for my children's education - a vital part I think.

The 80s were so good for music. Aahhhh, the nostalgia. No other era quite takes me back so happily. (I was into all that grungey stuff in the 90s and it's just not the same...!)

Kate Sins said...

Umm, and I just played Karma Chameleon... They laughed at me jumping round singing!

rambling mum said...

Bahahaha Kate! I LOVE the 80's music even though it sounds so daggy when we hear it now. And it great to dance around to it - my kids think I'm quite loopy!