Monday, March 12, 2012

Anti Bullying Video made by our High School Kids

Take a few minutes and watch this. Please.

Again, our kids have excelled & produced something amazing. A brilliant message. I absolutely sobbed whilst watching it. We all know I am a crier anyway, but oh my goodness.

The idea came from a group of Year 10 drama students. Yes, Year 10. They are 15 & 16 years old.

I recognise many of the kids in this video, some from the primary school we are at & some from the high school we are at.

Share it around. Please. Lets make this go viral.

Your thoughts?

Karen xx


Bek said...

WOW - so powerful! And so clever. That is something to be proud of. I will be sharing this post for you!

Yep - i had tears too!

Anonymous said...

A job very well done. Mathew has a teacher this year with a zero tolerance for bullying and I can honestly say that ALL teachers should have this same stance!!