Friday, March 23, 2012

A bit of time for ME!

Zac is away at army cadet camp for the weekend. Sleeping under a hootchie & having his first go at shooting real bullets (strictly supervised). Hoping to 2IC some activities like he did last camp. I hope they bring him back in one piece!

Hubby Ray is sick so is snoozing on the lounge - you really don't want to see a photo of that!

Liam is still sick even after missing 2 days of school, so he is lying down in the other lounge room watching TV, hopefully snoozing.

Megan's watching a Care Bears DVD.

Me? I'm making the most of what is now some "Me" time.

Baking - check!

Banana cake

Decided what to wear out to dinner tonight - check! (I think!)

Facebook - check!

Blog post - check!

Obligatory pre getting ready glass of wine - check!

Yes, I am off to dinner tonight, for the first time in I don't know how long.

It's 30 years since my high school opened. 30 years since I started Year 7. I was part of the original 120 students of a brand new school. Our buildings consisted of 4 demountable classrooms. The staff room was one of the parish / church meeting rooms (which is where Megan & I now go to playgroup) and we used a block of toilets at the primary school. And we had access to their canteen too. What is now the back car park at the primary school & church used to be our classrooms. There are photos of our final day of Year 7 - carrying our desks & chairs across the paddock to where the school was being constructed so they would be ready for us when we came back for Year 8 after the summer holidays. These days it would be child labour & we wouldn't be allowed to do it!

So there is a 30th Anniversary dinner happening tonight in the school hall.

You know, there's something special about having a history about where you live. I've been in this area for 32 years. Both hubby & I attended the primary school our kids are going through. Zac is in his 2nd last year at this same high school, with the others still to come up the ranks. We were married in that very church. All our kids were baptised in that church. Friends I went to school with have kids in the same class as our kids. I love the "small town" friendliness, even though our town isn't that small anymore! The very ground that our house sits on used to be horse paddock - one friend used to keep her horse here!

Well, I'm off to wash my hair & beautify myself in preparation for tonight! What are you up to?

Karen xx

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