Friday, September 30, 2011

because a little Princess wanted a pink room

We live in the big blue house - internal walls are all blue, feature tiles on the floor are blue, carpet is blue, teamed up with apricot/terrracotta coloured door jambs, architraves and vertical blinds.


For about two years our Missy Megan has been telling us her room is meant to be pink. Every time she finds a "blowy" in the garden she blows it and makes a wish for a pink room. Every time she blows out candles she wishes for a pink room.

This week her wish came true.

View from the doorway

View from her bed

Ray has taken this school holidays off work to start the internal painting of the house. This is the first of 5 bedrooms.  We would like to replace Missy Megan's vertical blind with a white venetian. But our windows are not "standard" so it needs to be made to order. So that can until all the rooms are done so we can ask for a better deal by ordering all the blinds in various colours together.

We bought this house 6 years ago. It's about time we put our own stamp on it!

What have you done to make your place your own, rented or otherwise?

Karen xx


My Pigeon Pair said...

What a gorgeous colour! What is it called?

rambling mum said...

Thanks so much! The light pink (under the window & where the doll house is) is Pink Gin by Dulux & the darker walls are Pink Parakeet by Dulux. Boy oh boy our house is going to be multi coloured by the time Ray finishes!

Sweet Ever Afters said...

a gorgeous pink colour. You are a goo mum to let her have a pink room in a blue house!!

rambling mum said...

With 2 sons first & being a tomboy myself, this blue house was fate. Blue was my favourite colour for YEARS. But the combination of a pink baby and driving a pink & white Tupperware car (selling lots of pink plastic) "girlified" me somewhat! Now I love all things that are pink. Hence the pink background on my blog! I did play around with blue but came back to pink. hehe!!