Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cadet Camp

Zac came home from his week long Army Cadet Camp last night.

Exhausted, sunburned, wind burned (his lips are not usually that big), dirty, smelly (the boys had access to a shower only once in the entire 8 days) and in need of a home style toilet!

He slept in a sleeping bag on a foam mat, under a piece of plastic strung between two trees (a hootchi).

Here's the kind of food they ate (because I'm a  foodie every Mum wants to know what the kids are being fed):

This is part of a ration pack. Other bits in there were instant noodles, muesli with milk powder (all the cadets needed to add was water from their canteen), tubes of condensed milk, drinking chocolate powder, biscuits, yeast spread (Vegemite), strawberry jam & that kind of stuff. The biggest item in the photo above is a chicken curry meal that is heated by boiling the packet in water for 6 minutes. They were issued with piece of equipment that functions as a hotplate. (If I didn't know what it was, I would have thrown it out, thinking it was a piece of scrap metal!).

As you can see, he survived intact. And just quietly, so did we.

I wonder if my washing machine will?

Welcome home Zac!

Love Mum

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