Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's wrong with this Doll?

With a cold and rainy Sunday upon us, it was a good day to play dollies with Missy Megan.

Can you pick what's wrong in the photo below?

Find it?
Look at the doll in the yellow top. Compare her hands to the Barbie doll next to her. Look at the hand closest to the camera. It is a left hand on her right side. This doll has 2 left hands - what the?

I know Barbie is meant to be the image of perfection and all that, but to sabotage the opposition takes it a bit too far!

A bit of a quality control issue at the doll making factory?

We've had these dolls for over a year and this is the first time that I have noticed. Obviously I have great observation skills.

Here's the dollies getting comfy....

and our Princess with them.

Have you had any mutated toys?

Karen xx


Bek - you know who! said...

lol - what a perfect princess you have! No left hand mutation there!

There is probably no quality control at the factory as they cant afford to miss out on some of the profits.....

Please keep blogging - its hilarious.

rambling mum said...

Thanks Bek! xx