Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Right Glasses for You

We Aussie women are renowned for being seasonal chameleons - we change our hair colour (how many shades have you been), we change our skin tone (baked or faked), and now that Spring is here many of us will be transforming ourselves in preparation for Summer. Don't forget your eyewear! There are 5 million Aussie women who wear glasses every day. I wonder how many of these women are wearing frames that really suit them?

Tammy Newport is a Stylist from Budget Eyewear who has some great tips on choosing glasses / frames that have Optical Appeal, which explains why a friend of mine can carry off green coloured glasses and I can't! Apparently there is more to it than trying on every pair on display at the optometrist.

You know that mirror we look in when we are trying glasses on? Look harder. Look at your skin tone, look at your eye and hair colour. Look at the colour of the veins in your arms. All that makes a massive difference. Yes, really, the veins too! Read on.....

Using the table below and Budget Eyewear's variety of luxe-for-less optical frames, you can easily revamp your Spring style by coordinating new frames to your changing look. No need to be blind-sighted by expensive trends, no need to sacrifice style, not need to miss out on the fun factor of trying on the different frames, just bags of style to be gained.

Here's the table:

So, if you're like me, you are a cool tone, your veins appear blue, you have blue/grey eyes and brown hair, you should choose glasses that are black, navy, grey or purple. Maybe that explains why the silver ones I had many years ago looked CRAP!!

Oh, and if you're not like me, follow the tips in the table to work out which colour frames will best suit you. Pretty easy, hey?

Do the glasses you have now match up with this info? Or like me, have you made a style blunder? (Mine are brown - oops!)

Let me know!

Karen xx.


Natalie said...

Perfect timing. I am off to the optometrist this afternoon and after 3 years of contacts and contemplating going back to glasses as my emergency frames have died...

Information I will definately keep in mind when selecting new frames

rambling mum said...

Glad to be of help Natalie! Hope you find some gorgeous specs.