Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful sunny day in the Upper Hunter today so I took Liam & Megan to the park.

Zac got to do the more adult activity of going to the dump with Ray. To dispose of the RIP washing machine and other bits & pieces because we've only been here a bit over a month I don't think Zac's really into parks any more.

We found the standard kind of playground:

This is where I was when I took that photo:


With all sorts of exercise equipment to work those abs, pecs, shoulders, lower back, calves, butt, etc.

And little signs in front of each station on the circuit telling you what to do & what muscles it works.

I think we've found our new favourite park! Did you notice all the kids were in the gympark, not the regular park?! I'm planning on heading to this one a few times a week for a workout.

Once we'd tried everything out & I'd kicked my kids off each time I wanted to use something, we headed further into the sports complex to another park.

And of course, no park visit is complete without this:

Rolling down the hill
What's filling your day today?


Kate Sins said...

WOWEEE! That park looks fabulous, I'd be there everyday! We had a first birthday party today so I'm lounging on the couch in that too-many-lollies fashion.

rambling mum said...

mmmmm.....lollies Kate....mmmmmmmm.....!

Bek Williams said...

We went baby stuff shopping! Woo hoo bubby has some stuff! And now my back is hugely sore so im laying onthe lounge in pain.....
Loving that park, looks like awesome fun

Toni Frendo said...

wow ... I am loving that park.. kids can have a workout while having