Monday, August 27, 2012

How Much Are We Really Saving?

I did some grocery shopping the other day. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, most days I have some groceries to buy.

My supermarket loyalty card offered me 10% off my shopping total, so I went there instead of the opposition who I prefer since we moved because they are closer & not too badly priced.

Here's a snippet from my docket:

My first thought was "Fabulous! I've ripped them off saved nearly 25 bucks on that shop".

But something was lurking in my mind & it wouldn't go away.

How much are the prices jacked up in the first place, that they can offer discounts on their instore orange tickets, or email 10% discounts to me & goodness knows how many other people?

I have a sneaking suspicion they are ripping me off!

(I can write posts like this now without putting my job in jeopardy, because I no longer work for them).

Do you think loyalty cards save you money? What's your opinion on supermarket pricing?

Karen xx

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