Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Dream Home

The List of Wants is forever changing.

And they are wants, not needs.

I am not so self-absorbed that I don't know the difference.

Here's what on it at the moment:

* Huge linen closet. To the point that I can label the shelves so that anyone else who opens the cupboard (yeah, right) will know that this pile is the kids' bed linen, queen sheets, hand towels, bathmats, etc. We had a small linen cupboard at our own house, the rental we are in now has a good sized one, but I want bigger.

* The kid's wardrobes need to be double door ones. It just means things can be put away.

* The kitchen window must overlook the backyard, not the side of the house. It is my favourite room of the house & I would like to be looking at our own space rather than my neighbour's window or wall. Or kids.

 * A covered deck or veranda at the back of the house. A servery from the kitchen would be handy too. Have to have the option of sitting outside to enjoy the view. A place the kids can paint & be messy & we can just hose it down. And hose the kids down too.

* Speaking of views, a really good one would be nice. Like open spaces, or mountains, or horses. There are some beautiful views here, giving a real appreciation of nature's work.

* A bathroom I could swing a cat in. Not that I would, but if you're an Aussie you will know what I mean. And it needs two towel rails. Seriously folks, if you build a 5 bedroom house (with bathroom + ensuite), you have more than 2 kids. Only 2 towels fit on a standard towel rail. Wake up to yourselves.

* The ensuite needs to be big enough for both of us to stand in there at the same time.

* Skylights. I love natural light. I hate having to turn lights on during the day. The house we are renting has a dark bathroom & it shits annoys me. One of my favourite things in the world is to open the curtains & windows on a warm spring or summer day.

* High ceilings. I have been spoilt in our rental. The high ceilings really give a sense of spaciousness.

One thing I can't decide is if I want an old style house or sleek, modern one. However it is not just up to me. We are a whole family here. And I'm sure others (hubby) would like a say in it!

One thing I do know - my list will change again tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. But that's life. And I haven't even started on the kitchen, loungeroom or bedrooms yet.

What's on the list for your dream home?

Karen xx

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LisaW said...

Oh, I hear you! When we built this house, I thought it was our dream house. Eleven years later and there are so many things I want to change! Bigger living area, bigger bedrooms, bigger wardrobes...you get the picture. It's good to dream. I hope it becomes a reality for you.

Javier Bonnell said...

It’s not a bad thing if you can’t decide now on what you want your dream house to look like. What matters is how you can make it a reality to buy a house and call it your own. When you rent, none of your payments go towards building up savings. Why not inquire for a house loan/mortgage, Karen?

Javier Bonnell

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Ooh, I like those ideas too. As for my own list, I would love my house to have bay windows where I can spend time reading in, and an attic that I could turn into a library. Haha! Anyway, having your list change from time to time is a good way to have a pool of ideas that you can use when you get your dream house. =)

Antony Shuler said...

I’d love to have skylights too! It’s good that you know what you want to have in your dream house. Buying a house is a major move that needs careful planning. Check your finances first and weigh out your choices. You can always resort to taking out a house loan or mortgage if you’re that determined to buy a house rather than rent.