Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sushi anyone?

Yesterday, Ray the Hubster & I finally had a day together with no kids. No, no, it wasn't a slow, leisurely day.

He spent his day painting the dining & lounge rooms & I spent it cleaning windows. My mother in law came over to help with the windows. And she came back today to help us some more. She's such a gem!

(In case you are not up to speed, we are moving to a new town 5 hours away this weekend. So our place has to be extra clean, ready for our tenants to move in this Sat).

We are running down the food supplies (I have to turn the fridge off on Wed), so we decided to take ourselves out for lunch. Oh yes we did. And we splurged. Oh yes we did. Because we don't get to do that very often. Oh no we don't!

So we checked out Sushi Train, recently opened locally. And we loved it. The welcome starts as soon as you walk in the door - all the staff call out in greeting. Although we didn't realise until we were already seated and noticed them doing it whenever someone walked in. I had just thought it was a surge of people chattering. I don't understand Japanese, you know......and they weren't saying konitchiwa.

The chefs are in the middle, constantly making more plates of yummies to go around on the conveyor of nom noms. So fresh, so colourful, so tasty. So tempting.

It's the kind of place where you could sit all afternoon and watch the goings on. Oh, and nibble all afternoon........thankfully we had lots of moving house preparation waiting for us, or else we may just have done that!

We were not paid or sponsored to write this post. We paid for our meal. They don't know that I am writing about them. We just loved it so much that we thought I should share it.

Have you been to a Sushi Train? Ripper? Or rip off?

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