Friday, June 22, 2012

8 sleeps until moving day.

I feel like this move is taking over my life.
DER, Karen, of course it is. This IS your life.

What I mean is, every conversation I have seems to be about our move. With people who are not moving. My friends must be sick of hearing about it. 

My days are consumed with organising stuff & discovering more things that need to be done before we leave. Yeah, I should probably make that to do list a paper one instead of a mental one.

This week has been a week with lots of "lasts" in it. My last Tuesday = Grandma Day, our last playgroup session, Zac's last night at army cadets (we have found a unit for him to join after we move), Zac's last band practice & last guitar lesson. I worked my last shift on Wednesday night. Hubster Ray finished up at his job today (& is currently still at the pub celebrating lol!). I had my last lunch with the ladies today.

We still have our final tae kwon do, Mass, preschool and school days to go.

Then we are kind of gypsies for around 10 days, staying in a motel, then a temporary house until our furniture arrives & we can move into the rental property we have secured. I have been told to pack like we are going on a holiday. The removalists will pack everything else. Even our dog is being transported.

So we are being well looked after. Another thing for me to be thankful for.

We are all looking forward to our move. Nobody has given us any negativity, they've all respected our decision to go. I'm surprised how many have said they couldn't do it. I have always told Ray that I am happy to move wherever his job takes us. This is only 5 hours away, so it's not too difficult for family & friends to visit. We are simply giving them another holiday destination!

I've been laughing at myself the last couple of days. I've been feeling the cold. But it is nothing to the cold nights we will experience soon, I need to swallow some concrete & harden up! Or buy some more winter clothes.

Would you do it? Up & move your family for your partner's job? I am!

Leave me your thoughts,

Karen xx


Bek Williams said...

Yes, i would up and move. If it means keeping our family together.
I do respect your decision but am selfishly sad for me.
You are an amazing person with such a positive approach and we will miss your smile, BUT i know your new addy so i can stalk you if i really need to!

sarah br said...

yep I would rather have my family all together no matter how hard it is to move.. Hope it all goes well for you all!

Anonymous said...

yes I would leave, we always said to each other, we would stick togehter no matter what.. and if work sent us away, from what we be long as we have each comes first always...
going miss you karen... but thank goodness for facebook, as you will never to faraway... Toni xoxo