Sunday, June 17, 2012

A bit emotional today

Yes, today I have felt rather emotional. And this is a selfish post about how I am feeling, when others are feeling a hell of a lot worse.

In the past two days, a friend has lost her Mother and another friend has lost her Father.

I still have the luxury of having both my parents, my stepdad and my Grandma around. And my mother in law, however we lost my father in law 7 years ago.

I still don't fully understand the grief my husband went through and continues to go through after we lost his Dad. I grieved of course, but it's not the same. My role was (and is) to be there as a support to my husband. I will never fully understand the loss of a parent until I lose one of my own. That's not taking anything away from my father in law, it's just a fact.

I have watched my friend grieve, particularly this past week, when it became obvious the miracle we were all praying for wasn't going to happen. Grief starts before the death. I hate to see her in pain like this. There is nothing I can say to make it go away. "I'm sorry" simply isn't enough. I have hugged her and cried with her. I never even met her Mum. But they were also best friends. And she is hurting. And crappy stuff happens to good people.

So I can only imagine that my other friend who lost her Father is going through the same thing. Another caring, gentle and positive lady who, along with her family, has to say goodbye to someone special.

I know it's the life cycle and all that. I know that parents are meant to go before their kids. But it still sucks.

God Bless these families, let the ones You have taken be at peace now.


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