Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Stole My Week?

Wow - it's been over a week since I last posted on here. Where did that week go?

I know I worked for some of it. 5 shifts to be precise. 27 hours.

I know I wasn't at Blogopolis like so many of you were (I am just a touch envious here!).

I did volunteer one of the days at the high school canteen (hi kids).

I did chase up Zac's school tracksuit jacket that we have been trying to obtain since June 2010 (I kid you not - over 12 months to get a piece of school uniform).

I did a heap of grocery shopping (nothing new about that).

I did take Megan  to playgroup (always a highlight of my week - no, I'm serious).

I did take Charlotte to the orthodontist.

I did co-ordinate (instruct) my husband  to drive Zac to Army Cadet Camp for the weekend. And go back 2 days later to collect him.

I did attend a meeting at the primary school to enrol Liam in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

I did go to the primary school's athletics carnival and had a wonderful day (again, I am being serious).

I did spend Tuesday with Grandma at the nursing home.

I did lots of washing (nothing new about that either).

I did get everyone where they needed to be. When they needed to be there. With whatever they needed whilst they were there. With whatever money they needed to have at the time.

I think I cleaned both bathrooms. I must have. They look like they need a clean again now.

No wonder I haven't been reading many or writing many blog posts!

Note to self - must try harder this week.

Yeah, right.

Liam (3rd in 200m running) and Megan (participant in preschoolers' 70m race)


Erin said...

geeez woman i hope you found time to sleep in there somewhere ? lol you really are a super mum Karen xxx

Naomi said...

Hi Karen, such cute cherubs...can you send me an email as you are the winner of the Christmas Bauble giveaway on my blog Seven cherubs so we can organise your gift. Cheers, Naomi xx

rambling mum said...

Sleep? Now Erin, that's a term I am not too familiar with......nah....I average 5 hours a night, which is better than the 4 hours I used to get.

Naomi - sending you an email now! Thanks!

special 'k' said...

Yes I was just saying: When is my time my own. I often ponder where whole weeks are gone too. Cheers