Thursday, August 25, 2011

I cry too

I read "So I cry" , a blog post at Tina Gray {dot} Me today, started to write my comment and realised that my comment would be a blog post in itself!

So, here's when I cry........

* sad news
* happy news
* when the kids perform at school assemblies (my crying buddies & I can be seen with tissues in hand discreetly drying our tears)
* when other people's kids perform at school assemblies
* baptisms
* weddings
* funerals
* when I'm sick
* when I have PMT
* when I have MT
* when someone raises their voice to me
* when I'm angry
* when I'm sad
* when I laugh
* anything that has the "cute factor" (yep, the Huggies ads, just like Tina cries)
* when it's kindy's first day at big school (every year, not just when I have one starting)
* when I see a child cry (I once helped a child at school who missed their afternoon bus & the pair of us went to the teacher holding hands & in tears)
* when I see a child help a child who is crying - they are doing something beautiful
* sad bits in movies
* sad bits in tv shows
* watching the Olympics / Commonwealth Games
* watching the school athletics carnival
* at Mass when they have the choir
* when one of my kids reads at school Mass
* with pride
* with excitement
* when The Wiggles come on stage

Heaven help me when we go to Cold Chisel!

Join in & share the times that you cry too......we all do it!

I'm sure there are many more occasions that I have missed too!

Karen xx

Pic/quote from here at We Heart It


Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

Naw, I'm thinking we should get Kleenex to sponsor our blogs ;) xx

rambling mum said...

lol....I'm up for that!