Monday, August 29, 2011

Trucks are Pretty

I like seeing trucks at night.

I do a lot of night driving (given that I finish work at midnight and have to drive home) and there are always a couple of trucks on the road.

Trucks are big and scary during the day, but like so many other things, they transform at night with pretty lights along their trailers and around their cabins. It's very magical. I like pretty lights. I like how lots of truckies give their truck a name too. Gives an insight into the driver's personality. And the artwork on some of the cabins is pretty amazing. Not that I can see those bits at night......

When I was a kid, our family did a fair amount of driving between Victoria (where we were living) and NSW (where both sets of grandparents lived) on school holidays. With 3 young kids, some of the driving would be done at night. I now realise it was to minimise the stress of my parents having to cope with bored and cooped up kids. Trucks would drive all night along the Hume Highway. I imagine me snuggled up on the back seat seeing the lights pass us by. Or us pass them by. I imagine it because I have barely any memory of my childhood. But I think this was a safe feeling. The trucks were always there. The trucks will always be there. And I still believe that truck drivers will stop & help if they find you broken down on the side of the road. They do have a reputation for helping damsels in distress!

Imagine seeing a truck like this!

image from here

Pretty lights and Christmas all rolled into one =  Bliss!

Do you find trucks pretty or big scary monsters?

Karen xx


Leimay said...

I was always scared of driving near trucks, I took a ride in one and was convinced we were going to run over the cars in front of us.
Truck drivers on the other hand i have always found friendly. I caught the bus to high school between a shipping port where the trucks would pull up and the pub where lots of the drivers would have their breakfast before heading off with the next load. They always said Hello and i got to know by sight which driver belonged to which truck.
Now my father in law is a truck driver, the kids love to look at Pops Truck when they are over there and he is home.

rambling mum said...

I've never been in a truck - must add that to my "to do" list!

Alton Tomaselli said...

Yeah, truck drivers rock. Ha ha, it's like a lot of long road trips, when you think about it. It's still hard work, and you have to drive a lot and make sure that you're driving safely and all. The trucks do look quite cool.