Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nutcracker - with a giveaway

We have all "de-Chrissified" our homes by now, but that doesn't mean the Christmas season needs to be forgotten about.

"The Nutcracker" is an iconic Christmas movie. Most of us know the music (Tchaikovsky composed the music for the ballet that was inspired by this story), but I had never seen the movie before. Sure, I'd heard of it - but I didn't know the story. Even our 9 year old said "it's about a nutcracker that comes to life". How did I not know that? I must have had a deprived childhood - lol.

Eccentric Uncle Albert brings Mary and Max some toys for Christmas. (The doll house is every little girl's dream!) The Nutcracker comes to life and whisks Mary away to a magical world which is filled with fantastic toys and dancing fairies. However the Nutcracker's kingdom is under threat from the evil Rat King and his henchmen who are taking prisoners and destroying the children's toys. Mary needs to uncover the secret to free the Nutcracker (he's a prince) and restore his kingdom.

A modern adaptation of a family classic, appealing to a family audience, The Nutcracker is a welcome change from "all those other Christmas movies" - yeah, you know the ones - when the stranger or uncle turns out to be the real Santa Claus........there is no Santa Claus in this movie, just a lovely adventure to go on!

The Nutcracker is available on DVD ($29-95, single disc); Blu-ray ($34-95, single disc); and 3D Blu-ray ($39-95, 2 discs).

You don't have to wait until Christmas to watch it - I have 2 DVD copies to giveaway!

Giveaway closes Friday 27 January & is open to Australian residents only.

To enter, leave a comment on my blog (not on my Facebook page) telling me what your favourite family Christmas (or holiday) movie is and why. Make sure I can identify you if you are the winner, otherwise I can't get your prize to you.


Karen xx

Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary copy of this DVD to review. Opinions expressed are my own and I have not been paid otherwise for this post.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

My favorite is nightmare before Xmas but not one to sit and watch with my little girls so next would be the Santa clause

marybelle said...

We love watching HOME ALONE. The two villains are so ridiculously & hilariously out-matched & out-witted by the boy. It also has the feel good moments you want in a Christmas movie.


Bek Williams said...

We love lots of Christmas movies! But The Santa Clause stands out, its so magical. Can you hear the bells????

Bek Williams said...

oops I referred to The polar express by the bells comment! I LOVE that movie too, i could watch it a thousand times....