Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I Unpatriotic?

Australia Day. Done & dusted. Doesn't sound very patriotic, does it?

So why don't I feel this great need to go & drape myself in an Aussie flag, decorate my car & join in the festivities?

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I don't remember Australia Day being a big deal when I was young. Is that because I have a crap memory of my childhood, or were there no festivities about 30 years ago? Maybe my family had no interest in celebrating............what a bunch of wet blankets.

I had planned a picnic at the beach with one of my cousins & her kids but the threat of rain, me being sick & her with a funeral to arrange put paid to that idea.

There were plenty of activities in my local area to attend. But I can't be bothered with the parking hassles and huge crowds. Does that just make me a party pooper?

And I've noticed (maybe ignorantly) that it's only the last few (?) years that people have really gotten into the spirit of the day. More so since the Cronulla riots however many years ago. It's even being spruiked in the media that those who wear the flag clothing & wrap flags around themselves are more racist than those who don't. That's a label I don't want put on me. I don't want to be a target for anyone who is assuming I am racist. Does that mean I'm scared to show my Australian pride? Because I do have pride, I just display it in my own way.

So, Australia Day today was just a normal day for us. Did some grocery shopping, did lots of washing, hubby cleaned my car (after he caught up on some work paperwork), played colouring in with Megan, roused on Liam for being too noisy, fed Zac the teenager whenever he surfaced from his room and tried to sleep off some of my blocked head.

What did you do for Australia Day? Do you think I am unpatriotic?

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Karen xx


Bek Williams said...

I hope you feel better real soon! Our Aussie day was spent sitting outside, under a cover with the neighbours, and friends, and more neighbours and then even more neighbours, And all the kids running around having water fights, eating and just having fun! With a few flags thrown around just for good measure! And a few bevvies It was exactly what we wanted and it was great fun!

Angela said...

Well ours was similar. We did some grocery shopping. Bout shoes for the girls and generally took it easy at home as a family. Although we did have a meat pie and some spring rols for lunch! Have to love Australia for the life it gives us, the ability to enjoy a day to be with the family in peace.