Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Worked Out Why Mums Don't Eat Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Break the fast, kick start your metabolism, give your body some fuel to run on, & all that stuff.

So why don't Mums eat breakfast?

Are we too busy feeding the kids & getting them ready for school?

Are we too busy going through our mental checklist of what we need to do in the day?

Do we not value ourselves enough to think we deserve to look after ourselves properly?


It's because every time we sit down to eat our breakfast, the bloody kids want something!!!!!

Brought to you by soggy cereal at 10:30am. Yes, that is the time I got to eat my breakfast today. Now I remember why sometimes I don't even bother.

Sound familiar?


Erin said...

thats also the time i got mine today, the only way i to eat breakfast in peace is to get up half an hour before everyone else does and who want to do that lolxx

Tina Gray said...

I tend to wait until the kids have gone to school before I have breakfast. So it's quiet and I can actually have hot toast and a hot coffee!

mummabear1970 said...

glad i am not alone - no wonder we mums struggle with the whole weightloss thing.....our eating is all over the place! thanks for commenting - it makes me feel special! xx

Jenna said...

Definitely not alone Karen!! Mine is shoveling weetbix in, at the same time as feeding Bella her brekky, unpacking the dishwasher and yelling at the boys to behave and eat!!

MultipleMum said...

I always eat after the kids too. My twins are like hobbits and have their 'second breakfast' from my bowl. I never skip it, but I rarely get to enjoy it!