Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cleaning Yet Again.....

Today, as with  many days, I have the best intentions of cleaning our house.

I start with unpacking the dishwasher so I can load it with the breakfast dishes so I then have room to clean the kitchen.
I have already checked on the washing - trying to get it dry on these wet weather days is such a pain. Have about 3 more loads to wash today - forget the folding - that will simply have to wait.

Then it's on to cleaning the kids' bathroom........toothpaste all over the vanity, hair all over the vanity & floor, put toothbrushes & toothpaste back into the cupboard, hang the towels properly (instead of bunched up) so they have half a chance of drying, empty the bath toys of water so they don't grow mould inside them (and don't you dare tell me this has never happened at your house!). And that's just for starters........better clean the toilet too........

Then it's on to the lounge room to pick up the blankets the kids like to snuggle into whilst watching tv at night. Somehow all the cushions end up on the floor every day too and would you believe it- I seem to be the ONLY ONE in this household of 5 who knows how to pick them up!! A bit of Mr Sheen should do the trick for the tv cabinet in there.

Maybe I will get to sweep the floor - it desperately needs doing but Miss 2 almost 3 Megan takes off with the broom each time I try so I find it quite difficult for such a simple job to get done. The mop has to wait until Sunday as that is my next night off. I don't mop with the kids around as they find any excuse they can to need something from another room just so they can do the "towel shuffle" accross the floor. Which is fine, except that I end up with kids going everywhere & an extra 3 towels to wash.

Somewhere in there I need to play with Miss Megan, make us lunch, cook dinner (and I haven't meal planned this week so I have no idea what to cook), pick up the boys from school, organise arvo tea for them and supervise homework & homereader.

Oh, and the windows need cleaning due to all the condensation caused by warm inside vs cold outside.

And the carpets need vaccuming, and the ensuite needs cleaning and there are lots more jobs I haven't specified - you don't want to be reading forever!

After all this I think I will go to work for a break.

Do you have a particular order that you do your housework in?

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Tina Gray said...

I have an order in the way I do things. I do the loungeroom first (seeing as that's what people see first when they come in), next the kitchen and dining room, then the bathroom/toilet, lastly the bedrooms. Never bloody ends! LOL