Wednesday, August 25, 2010

THIS is why I don't bake.

Missy Megan turned 3 over the weekend.

She wanted a pink Dora cake.

I spent nearly 3 days scouring shops trying to find decent Dora cake-topper stuff.

Dear friend Bek came to the rescue with some Dora & Boots accessories.

Attempt # 1. Thursday.
Giant cupcake ready to bake

Burned whilst I got caught in the school traffic jam

Attempt # 2. Friday.

only I can fail a packet mix! The boys had some after school though...

Attempt # 3. Saturday. Birthday.

Sent darling hubby to buy me unfilled sponge from Woollies & I decorated it.

I should have known.........

This is the cake my beautiful mother in law bought.

Insert frustrated scream here.

Disclaimer: I did know she was bringing a cake but I also wanted a home made one.

A bit overwhelmed with the whole singing thing. And yes that is a cheesecake that my hubby bought - obviously he has great confidence in my baking skills too thought he would cater to everyone's taste - my cake was on the table, just not in this photo.


Jenna said...

My fave is the Dora one you made - that Choc icing looks divine!!

mummabear1970 said...

thanks Jenna - the icing was out of the packet mix that the cake bit failed! but it was very yummy! we did all enjoy it. xx

Tina said...

Nothing better than a homemade birthday cake :) Oh, and I need to get me one of those giant cupcake tins!

Bek said...

The point is, Karen, your little princess wanted a Dora cake and you went out of your way to make it happen! Not all little princesses have a mummy that would try!! You are a fantastic mum ( in case you were questioning it!!!)

MultipleMum said...

I bet you all had the best day anyway! Happy birthday Megan.
PS they tell me baking is all in the precision of following a recipe. I like freestyle cooking so it doesn't work for me. We can't all be Domestic Goddesses!