Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reminder to my Family......


Just a couple of quick reminders to the eldest two of the three males who live in this house about how this household runs efficiently.

If I made teenage son strip off his school uniform yesterday evening so I could wash it before I go went work so it is clean for today, you needed to put it in the drier whilst I was at work. It did not dry itself. Lazy school uniform. I am now behind already in today's washing, meaning my work uniform will not be washied & dried in time for me to wear it tonight unless I use the drier again. Do you really want another $620 electricity bill when we still owe them $350 from the last one?

If, when you leave the house to go & buy pizza for dinner & the kitchen is a mess of dirty dishes when you leave, but nice & clean when you return, it means I have unpacked & repacked the dishwasher so all you have to do is add the dinner plates (only 2 kids use plates for pizza) & cups (3 kids = 3 cups) to the dishwasher & turn it on. It's an amazing machine - it actually washes & dries the dishes for us. And it's really easy to turn on. 3 buttons. I know I am talented, but my talents do not extend so far as to be able to finish loading it & switch it on from work.

I know these are only trivial things in the grand scale of life & if this is all I have to complain about, I must have a pretty good life, but it's a bit like the old battle about the toilet seat being left up or down & the toothpaste lid being on or off.

Pick your battles. Does it really matter? Um.....No. Hence, it is on my blog instead of a "battle" in my home. It's easy enough to fix. Tell them before I go that it needs to be done - then I can tell them off when they forget! As also happens!

Hope your day runs smoothly today!


Karen xx


Tanya Mrsic said...

toilet seat down, toothpaste lid on!!

Tanya xx

Bek said...

OMG Karen, I love it!! I need a laugh today